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Screen Of the Day on 01/11/2013
  • peszek

    Great colours. Awesome screen!

  • garyarts

    @peszek thank you, man!

  • HalfManHalfBiscuit

    Simple and clean,very nice setup.
    KIU buddy :)

  • garyarts
  • todd

    nice :)

  • garyarts

    @todd txh!

  • Soloveyptaha

    As always beautiful, no words!

  • garyarts

    @Soloveyptaha that’s kind, really appreciate it!

  • binarybojangles

    awesome work! would love the wall uccw if you can!

  • amalcns

    “Gary the amazing”PLZ SHARE:)

  • garyarts

    @binarybojangles thanks, stay tuned:-)

  • garyarts

    @amalcns :-) wait some minutes

  • AT428HK

    I wish I had your art sense LOL!!!

  • omgwoot

    this is awesome! great job mate!

  • garyarts

    @AT428HK Oh come on, you have it mate!;-)

  • garyarts

    @omgwoot thanks!

  • yihaomizhijia


  • garyarts
  • panyongs73

    Awesome idea! Love it!
    thanks so mush GaRyArTs

  • garyarts

    @panyongs73 thx man, glad to like it:-)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/11/13

  • garyarts

    @Peachanan thanks!

  • savassi

    nice work man i think i have a stiffy

  • vallarellas

    I really like It!!!!

  • shylohmonster

    Absolutely gorgeous and original. I’m digging this setup. Can’t wait to try it on my phone. Thanks for sharing!

  • garyarts

    @savassi ;-) Thx!

  • garyarts

    @vallarellas that sounds great

  • garyarts

    @shylohmonster gladly hearing you like it;-)


    @GaRyArTs you’re the best! Keep posting screens, mate!

  • garyarts

    @VOBOSHI this is too kind, thanks!

  • AndyZ_88

    Really cool!
    Any chance you have the wallpaper in Galaxy S3 resolution?

  • garyarts

    @AndyZ_88 I can do it, but not sure if uccw skin will fit or not

  • MarcoJHB

    Video Tutorial coming soon, stay tuned! @GaRyArts it ‘fits’ for the S3… but please add a wall link soon to see if it works for a S3 :)

  • garyarts

    @MarcoJHB added:-)

  • MarcoJHB

    Here is the link:
    Enjoy! I might look a bit different this time :P

  • garyarts

    @MarcoJHB oh, your hair a little bit different, right?:-P

  • amiel1080p

    Any links for the font?

  • garyarts

    @amiel1080p font is in the uzip file, check it

  • amalcns

    hey gary,recently i saw an eye-catching screen in dribbble.but since i’m not a master in photoshop,i was just wonderin if u r willing to make this screen,here it is!
    awaiting for a fast reply
    Amal cns.

  • garyarts

    @amalcns really nice, but I’m working on another ui, maybe you like it and quit similar:-)

  • amalcns

    @garyarts haha.ok gary but do make this whenever u r able to!tnx for the reply;)
    oh and 1 more question ,when will u be releasing ur current project?

  • The_Thinker

    im a bit late but really cool screen… amazing, keep up. :*

  • garyarts

    @The_Thinker thank you

  • D3XTER

    nice, very nice :)

  • garyarts


Date Added: Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 1:08 am

Grunge City minimal setup. On Apex (9×7 grid) with one screen.using uccw in the center. Zoom!
wall and uccw skins and app drawer icon:

Use 4×2 skins and place the right position as shown. Don’t forget to change hotspot apps (probably you don’t use the same as I do)
HD wall on the right side