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  • MarcusBremen

    perfect… sorry man has to copy it, my way

  • erguillermin

    I’ll take it, I’ll get…one vote ;)

  • MaxSenna

    Where i can find the nikk icon?

  • paddy0174

    Found nikk, but can’t find his icons…. Please give me a hint! :)

  • nikk

    @MaxSenna @paddy0174 They are here: :)

    Really love this setup, nice and simple! :)

  • nikk

    Oh yeah, what app do you use for the status bar?

  • oemstyla

    The status bar is stock Android 4.2

  • nikk

    @oemstyla It is? Mine is an ugly green color… Oh well I hide moste of the time anyways ;)
    Btw: I posted a link to the icons but it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”…

  • tomacotuna

    plz can you make a dark red wallpaper for this i love itt…

  • bates30987

    where cam i get this from and how to do it

  • paddy0174

    @nikk Thanks a lot for your great work. As you can see, it inspires other people to more lovely design. The world needs more of these creative work, you and @oemstyla does!
    Keep up your great work (both of you)

  • ramichaelseidlitz

    @oemstyla Great theme. Could you please be so kind to share the files with us.

  • eDrak

    Please share UCCW theme. Thank you

  • ynrozturk

    Yes the UCCW theme would be appreciated.

  • ejraez

    What icon is used for facebook here? It’s not included in nikks iconpack.

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