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Screen Of the Day on 01/16/2013
  • dadilydoo

    ZOOM for details!

  • kingofnima

    could u share the details of UCCW widget?

  • dadilydoo

    @kingofnima Why certainly! It’s right here in a second :)

  • dadilydoo

    @kingofnima Oh, and the setup is 3×1 but it’s made s,aller to fit the wallpaper. If you want to make it bigger the font is available for free here:
    I have used Roboto Black, Regular and Thin.

  • dadilydoo

    @kingofnima Gee… Dropbox sync is not working properly. Hopefully it will be up there soon. If not I can send you an e-mail tomorrow :)

  • panyongs73

    Thanks dadilydoo,as always great work: D

  • dadilydoo

    @panyongs73 Thanks a bunch :)

  • CandymanCan

    It looks like your version of the background is very different from the wallpaper. Did you use an editing program and if so would you be willing to share your file? Love it!

  • dadilydoo

    @CandymanCan Ah, yes! The wallpaper linked is the original I used but the actual wallpaper, edited in Photoshop, is above to the right on the Wallpaper button :) However, here’s the link to it:

  • Xeiss

    Uhh the Dropbox link doesn’t work..
    Great theme really liked it but I’ll need to modify it a bit so it will fit my Galaxy S3.
    Is that alright? Can I have the PSD please?

  • dadilydoo

    @Xeiss Oh, sorry! As mentioned above dropbox wasn’t working very well when I got the link. This one should work, with PSD in it :)

  • rockbmi

    What are they icons called? are they from a pack? I love the theme I just want more icons please.

  • dadilydoo

    @rockbmi The tiny ones are from this feature :)
    The larger ones are Iconsweets from

  • melagodo

    Could you upload also tiles for unread / missed calls count please?

  • dadilydoo

    @melagodo Darn! As mentioned above my dropbox sync didn’t work properly. Now it’s there!

  • melagodo

    Thanks so much @dadilydoo :)
    Could you please also post the psd background? I’d love to change it into my language :)
    you’re the best!

  • dadilydoo

    @melagodo Absolutely :) It’s in the Dropbox folder and it’s called galxynexus.psd

  • enokha

    I’m really new to android so could you provide a tutorial or a link to one on how to install stuff like this would be greatly appreciated^.^

  • dadilydoo

    @enokha I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the time for it :( But I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials available on how to do similar things! Basically what you need to know is that I have used Nova Launcher and the app UCCW. Both can be googled to find tutorials on how to use :)

  • jojo54696

    I’m new to this whole custom home screen thing. I have all the stuff but i don’t understand how to make it work. I am trying different grid sizes but i can’t get the phone and messeging icons to stick where i want. It always ends up off center.

    and how do you set up the notifications next to the icon?

    How to you make the icons on the bottom smaller.

    Please help me learn to set this up

  • jojo54696

    I just don’t understand. I have spent two hours trying to get a custom lockscreen setup.

    How do i get the friggen icons to go where I want. I can’t get them to line up with the background. they snap to a certian spot on the grid.


  • dadilydoo

    @jojo54696 Hi JoJo! I’ll try to explain as clearly as I can but I won’t be able to get as deep as you might wish. At least not for now :)

    First off, what you need to do is download a launcher. A launcher is the graphical user interface you see on your home screen and is essential to get the kind of look most artists set up. It has plenty of more settings than the stock launcher, such as changing the icon grid size and hiding the notification field. There are plenty of launchers to choose from in Play Store. Some of the most popular ones are Go Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher and SS Launcher. I use the paid version of Nova and I feel it is worth every penny. Download the free version and try it out :)

    The notifications next to each other is done with an app called UCCW. It is an app that allows you to create customized clocks but can also handle information such as battery status and notifications. Download it for free! The good thing about UCCW is that it allows users to create their own skins so you will find both the clock and the notifications in my Dropbox folder linked above :)

    Making the icons smaller is actually a feature in Nova Launcher (and I’m sure other launchers also) but in this case I just made them smaller in Photoshop. Meaning there is a lot of empty space around each icon.

    I hope this was helpful to you :)

  • dadilydoo

    @enokha I think you might find the above answer helpful as well :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/16/13

  • dadilydoo

    @Peachanan Wow, thanks :)

  • suvroadrage

    Very nice and clean. Might work well with my white HTC One X.
    What’s the row/column layout? Looks like 5 columns (from the # of icons on the bottom), how many rows? How may total screens? From the DropBox folder it looks like 2, just want to be sure.

  • androto

    @suvroadrage very nice

  • dadilydoo

    @suvroadrage Indeed it is 5 columns :) 7 rows, and the UCCWs are 3×2 (clock) and 1×2 (notifications). I always make my wallpapers two screens even if I only use one for my theme. I crop them using Nova Launcher’s own background crop. If I have made a theme with only one screen I use its portrait cutter to make it only one screen :)

  • jojo54696

    still can’t get everything to line up right. is there a way to just place things where i want without the grid. the grid is anything except helpful. I think it is becasue I have a galaxy nexus, the soft keys cut off the buttom of the screen.

    Is there a way for me to just place the icons where i want them to go? this is so frustrating. I have tried different grid sizes in nova, but as soon as i get something to line up nothing else does.

  • jojo54696

    sorry, so many questions.

    also what did you do to open the app drawer?

  • iceman600

    @jojo54696 i feel you brother… hahaha. even i im so familiar with android im having the same frustrations as you. reason is not all phones have the same wallpaper resolution. i have galaxy note 2 and most of the the screen shared here (well actually all of them, most of them is that what i like doesnt fit my phones resolution)
    sometimes i tried to edit the resolution to fit my phone but still im having issues aligning things. i use apex launcher and always have my grid to 10×7.
    if someone out there can share a 10×7 layout of grid pattern on phototshop so i can make or edit some screens i like in here.

  • jojo54696

    is there a way to put icons into uccw and use it to open apps? becasue then i could shift the icons around to where they need to be within a widget space. That make it a lot easier….

  • ahmedmedicine89

    plz can u tell me what is the desktop grid i should use to fit the uccw widget of missed call and sms in smasung galaxy s2 ? nova launcher

  • Ste11a

    Beautiful screenshot! Thanks for sharing your work.

  • iceman600

    @ahmedmedicine89 adjust the position on the uccw settings

  • dadilydoo

    @jojo54696 Hmm… You are using a 7×5 grid size? Make sure the notification bar is hidden and that you don’t have a dock bar at the bottom. Both can be disabled in Nova settings. Also make sure both hight and width margin is set to None. That SHOULD align everything correctly on a Nexus Galaxy :)

    I open the app drawer by pressing the home button. That can also be done in Nova ;) Since it has no use once one is on the homescreen I figured it might just open the app drawer instead. This only mess things up if you have two screens, are on the second screen and want to open the app drawer. Then pressing home will simply take you to the first screen. Press it again and you have your app drawer ;)

    By the way, the launcher SS Launcher will allow you to just do that; move objects around with no grid pattern. I tried it when it was on beta and liked it very much but hasn’t tried it since. A lot of great screens on this site was made with SS Launcher. Perhaps you would enjoy it :)

  • dadilydoo

    @jojo54696 Nope, UCCW can’t handle application shortcuts :( Desktop VisualizeR can but it’s not as adjustable as UCCW.

  • dadilydoo

    @ahmedmedicine89 I’m afraid I wouldn’t know :( Try to make everything else fit and then add the UCCWs and try to tweak the position of the widgets. Do you use Photoshop? If so you could easily change the wallpaper to fit the SGS2.

  • dadilydoo
Date Added: Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 12:57 am