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blue knob Android Homescreen by PIPPOTO - MyColorscreen
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  • amalcns

    Simple,clean,elegant and calm!excellent work!!share plz:)

  • charlie81

    Yes I would love this do the dots move

  • panyongs73

    would you mind shareing the battery bar skin, plz?

  • androto

    @amalcns thanks!

  • androto

    @charlie81 no it’s only the battery

  • androto

    @panyongs73 yes I will

  • panyongs73

    thanks for sharing!!

  • androto
  • kregstrong

    how do i add the bar around the outside in uccw? ive been trying but cant figure it out, i have both of the skins just dont know how to combine them

  • androto

    @kregstrong it’s a superposition… with apex or nova… and the thin circle is only visible if you have a certain quantity of battery left

  • pitoko


  • androto

    @pitoko thanks!

  • synergeticink

    Wow! Quality!

  • androto

    @synergeticink thank you very much!

  • rossiefaldian

    good job man…

  • francomur99

    @androto I cannot open uzip files for the blue battery…any solution? please help

  • androto

    @francomur99 open? you have to extract the uzip from UCCW

  • SoloTwo

    Only thing I’m having issues with is trying to use the BlueGlow icons with Switchpro. Any tips?

  • androto

    @SoloTwo oh it’s not blueglows with switchpro it’s smallwhites2 also by blackbearblanc, and button are colored in blue it’s in the settings of swithpro

  • francomur99

    Thanks I found them, the only problem is the knob battery…it’s just a white empty square I don’t know what to do with that!…what do you mean by superposition with Apex or Nova?.I have both launchers …Can you please give us details how to get the blue battery dots around the clock…..Thank you

  • Rhaegys

    Very nice! I used the clock and battery for my locker screen!

  • LucidorJr

    I love it. But how to get it to show the clock with 24h mode. I can’t find any settings in uccw for this. My android is showing the tme in 24h mode.

  • androto

    @Rhaegys thanks

  • androto

    @LucidorJr you can do it on UCCW, select “hour” and slide to the right until you find “format”

  • androto

    @francomur99 if you have a white square it’s only a UCCW problem… try to restart your phone
    and I mean the ability to overlap the two widgets… the clock is ON the knob battery widget

  • domokuniie95

    I also can’t combine those 2 objects . What to do?

  • androto

    @domokuniie95 ability to overlap the two widgets… the clock is ON the knob battery widget. Nova or Apex option

  • Caduceuz_Droid

    how to install this?

  • androto

    @Caduceuz_Droid download uzip on your sdcard and “open uzip” from UCCW widget

  • jamesnunes

    i cant find the uzip? help please?

  • androto

    @jamesnunes soon on play store for free

  • jamesnunes

    ok thanx

  • Wonka

    Very nice. But my icons at the top are big. How i can do it smaller?

  • androto

    @Wonka thanks there’s an option on switchpro to change icons… ine are smallwhites2 by Blackbearblanc, with the color option active

  • Ghost05

    Hi, im new to uccw. I purchased this widget but it does not show up in my list of skins . How do I fix this?

  • Ghost05

    I sent you an email Pippoto. I have jelly bean firmware which is why this is giving me problems.


    @Ghost05 answered!

  • StressSyndrom

    can u may share the battery widget btw the uccw files ? :/


    it’s on play store or xda!

  • Nereus

    do u have a link to xda?

  • Nereus


  • khrizthian

    @PIPPOTO hey man how do I change the background to be transparent? Iwanna change the background and not have the black square. Help me out. Thanks!

  • mayorga80

    @Rhaegys how do you set the widget to the lock screen?


    @mayorga80 widgetlocker

Date Added: Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 11:59 am

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