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  • ricciolo

    gmail widget?

  • dasDestruktion

    @ricciolo It looks like it’s just the usual Gmail App widget.

  • dasDestruktion

    Can you share your wallpaper? What’s the widget on the bottom left?

  • jathak

    @dasDestruktion That’s fine, as long as you link back here. The bottom left widget is also Minimalistic Text.

  • rooney

    @jathak How do we set this up? Is it possible to download this wallpaper?

  • jathak

    @rooney I just added the wallpaper and tutorial. The wallpaper is sized properly for the Galaxy Nexus, but you may need to modify it for other phones.

  • Guticb

    I’m having MAJOR problems getting alignment right on a Galaxy Nexus. If I do 15 rows like you said, I can only fit four rows of icons, and my widget doesn’t align nearly as well as yours (It ends up being quite a bit lower). Any ideas?

  • Guticb

    Have you made any changes to the dock? Is it even enabled?

  • jathak

    @Guticb The dock is disabled. As for alignment, I couldn’t get it quite right so I gave up and wrote a launcher instead. It’s not quite like this screen, but it also has a lot of additional features. You can try it here:

  • MM_Mona

    I found this launcher on playboard. SF Launcher Alpha? It’s nice!


  1. 1. Download the apps and the wallpaper.
  2. 3. Open Nova Settings and hold on Volume Down until Labs is enabled
  3. 4. Under Labs, check Big Grid Size Options
  4. 5. Under Desktop, set your grid to 15 rows and 5 columns, width margin to small, and height margin to medium.
  5. 10. Download the Roboto font zip from (on the Downloads page)
  6. 11. In Minimalistic Text global settings, set the font folder to the extracted zip
  7. 12. For the clock widget, make it in minimalistic text and set the font to Roboto Thin and the font size to 50 dip.
  8. 13. For the date widget, make it in minimalistic text and set the font to Roboto Light and the size to 16 dip
  9. 14. For the battery widget, make it in minimalistic text and set the widget direction to Down-Top
  10. 15. Set the first line to Roboto Thin, 33 dip and the second line to Roboto Thin, Bold, and 16 dip
  11. 16. Check "Allow Overflow" on all minimalistic text widgets.
  12. 17. Add your favorite apps to the bottom box and your favorite widget to the top box.
Date Added: Sunday, January 13th, 2013 at 2:37 pm

I’ve given up on getting the alignment and everything right on this, so I wrote a launcher that is similar instead. You can try it at