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  • prashanth

    guide me how to apply this in my htc one x

  • zeroseveneleven

    You need to install Apex Launcher and Multipicture Live wallpaper. I don’t know the exact settings for the apex launcher anymore, because i’m using another setup meanwhile. But i found a backup of the wallpapers:

    On your system setting choose Multi Picture Live Wallpaper as your Wallpaper, then
    Use the wallpapers above with Multipicture live wallpaper, each page gets one wallpaper. (NOTE: in options choose Picture Change intervall to NEVER, so that is only will scroll when you swipe it. If you don’t do this that scrolling will be done every few seconds.)

    Then you got to download Desktop visualizer and create widgets over the app-texts on the wallpaper and link them to the apps to use. Try to find a transparent png picture, which you got to use in each Desktop Visualizer Widget for the icon of the shortcut, so that the “real” app icon is invisible. Resize the widget so that it fits over the “App-Bars” on the wallpaper. You got to try out with the grid size of the apex launcher. I don’t know anymore which size i used. =(

    *.psd file:

Date Added: Sunday, January 13th, 2013 at 5:46 am

All credit goes to lesa0208:

Just edited some of the wallpapertiles (Facebook, Instagram, Browser instead of Chrome) descriptions and UCCW Themes. Still searching for a better battery status bar, but until then i will use this one.