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  • omgwoot

    good job mate;) can u share uccw and wall? thanks

  • empol
  • Carmella_Blaque

    Some trouble downloading the files :(

  • empol

    @Carmella_Blaque what kind of problem ???

  • prado

    plz share the WL skin

  • omgwoot

    @empol thanks a lot ;)

  • empol

    @prado the skin is “Android”, you can already find in WL, i changed the settings to set “tap to unlock”, then i changed the icon. If you want to know how to do follow this guide: If you have other questions ask ;)

    @omgwoot you’re welcome ;)

  • a65lopez

    Looks nice! Really like the simplicity!

  • empol

    @a65lopez thanks a lot :)

  • JamixTheBeast

    Very nice! Whats the name of the font you used??

  • empol

    @JamixTheBeast Thanks, the font is “Hero”

  • galaxyjeebs

    super slick dude, really like your style too.
    could never get that tap to unlock to work for me on WL =/


  1. 1. set Apex launcher pro 7x5 and MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
  2. 2. The first arrow is a "link" to the second page and vice versa the second to first home
  3. 3. set "none" and the "minimum time" in the transiction effect
  4. 4. set uccw skins
Date Added: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 4:12 am

it slides up and down
Ask for details, or if you need some explanations