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  • nikk

    You can download the UCCW files and the wallpaper here:

    Please do not share these files anywhere else, e.g. play store or whatever. These are for personal use only.

    Credit goes to my source of inspiration:

  • amalcns

    @nikk nikk can u plz plz plz provude the files for ur screen”woody” ???i’m begging u:(

  • panyongs73

    cooles design,great job
    Thanks so much nikk!!

    Hey nikk,orange sky battery weather clock uzip file error?

  • nikk

    @panyongs73 No clue ;) I only have one device so I can’t really double check these files… but if another one works you can simply take that one and replace the text! :)

  • cvdesignlab

    Nice one as usual, care to share the dock icons bro?

  • footsteps88

    @nikk thank annoys me when others claim work as their own and take creditx

  • nbn

    @nikk How do you get the clock/battery/weather button to switch to a different widget?

Date Added: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 8:07 pm

Please zoom!
Found another beautiful little design on dribbble, and just had to make it into a pretty little setup. Also, it is the first time I tried the Nova Launcher… ;)
Hope you like it!

I will provide the UCCW files and the wallpaper soon.

Settings for Nova Launcher on this:
– 9×6 grid
– no margins
– infinite scrolling enabled
– scroll effect: whatever you like, I prefer “turn”
– background scrolling: disabled
– dock activated with small icons (2 scrollable slides)
– 5 icons in the dock

Don’t know if I forgot anything ;)