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  • martiii

    excellent setup … zip.file would be nice! ;)

  • HubertSng

    ugh, i hate it when people just post something without the zip file or anything… Thanks man, now i can totally appreciate this theme :/

  • bobjohnson201

    another great theme oem

  • bobjohnson201

    @HubertSng people usually dont post stuff unless other people want it/ask for it. no sense doing the work and posting a tutorial if no one is interested…

  • mathyuss

    Like this ALOT man. Nice work. Very simple style and seems you have everything needed at hand in one screen yet does not feel cluttered…….real clean layout and I like the dark theme. Look forward to seeing more. Thanks for showing it here. Would of course like to request a guide to recreate this screen if possible, but if not, thanks for the inspiration.

  • hairy9802

    share it pls~~

  • crad

    I like this even more than the last screen, but I want more icons.
    Where I can found them??

  • oemstyla

    There are not more icons of this set. Nikk made just a few ;-)

  • crad

    So bad, thank you anyway, and could you share this wallpaper, I love it

  • elannasdad

    Please share – I need this on my Nexus 4 !

  • byLaruh

    Share this please (:
    I love your style , clean & simple. Keep em’ coming !

  • carbon136

    Could you share a wallpaper? Thanks

  • oemstyla

    Wallpaper added :)

Date Added: Friday, January 18th, 2013 at 5:56 pm

same shit, different style ;)
Please zoom and show me your love, if you like my style ;)
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