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  • g33kstr

    very nice! the original color is good but it is everywhere now! nice to see a break from the norm.

  • hpsgill

    can u tell me which icons u used

  • whiteblueter

    I love it <3

  • kaizer_hanz

    icon please… <3

  • Llewellyn1

    Looks awesome…hopefully you could share the files

  • marvandorth

    Awesomeeee! :D
    Would like to have the files/tutorial!

  • hybanthus

    The best version yet! Can we get the wallpapers?

  • chalmizzle

    Icons look like Micons HD

  • StarfishP

    I love this! Files/tutorial please!

  • TheRubenator

    @whiteblueter @kaizer_hanz @Llewellyn1 @marvandorth @hybanthus @chalmizzle @StarfishP thanks guys, sorry for the long delay on the files, I been sick but I will be posting all the files later today

  • StarfishP

    Sweet! Can’t wait!

  • whiteblueter

    im still waiting XD

  • TheRubenator

    @StarfishP the files are up for download

  • ktcandy

    I love this color and the ubuntu theme!
    are u make the icons yourself?

  • hybanthus

    Thanks for posting the files, Rubenator.

  • whiteblueter

    Thanks, Rubenator

  • brokenheartedcupid75

    do we have tutorial video already?

Date Added: Saturday, January 19th, 2013 at 11:35 am

Time for the blue version, wanted to come out with the blue version of the UBUNTU PHONE, let me know what you guys think,