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Screen Of the Day on 01/20/2013
  • Killrazor

    Where can I download the required ZIPs??

  • Thand


    Click “View More” at the bottom of the app list. The ‘Icon Packs’ are the different zips.

  • DownRightFierce

    Great job again. This needs a better thumbnail, the main home screen is not even in it.

  • mwiz123

    @Thand where can i get the card1.png?

  • Thand

    It’s in, the third “Icon Pack” on the right when you click View More on the App list.

  • mwiz123

    @Thand It is not working. When I click it opens a new tab and brings me right back to this page.

  • Thand


    Hm, seems to be working for me. Here are some alternate download links:

  • mwiz123

    @Thand Thanks Alot ^_^ I LOVE THE LOOK BTW

  • Thand


    No problem! I’m glad you like it.


    I tried adjusting it, but that option doesn’t appear to be availabe. T_T
    If I ever submit another one, I’ll have to be more mindful of that.

  • notemily

    This is amazing!

  • JeffKwan

    how to create the widgets on the status and settings screen? And also the music widget in the entertainment screen?

  • Killrazor

    I had the same problem as mwiz123. Thanks for the links! The homescreen is great but I can’t get the RAM Widget to work it only says LOADING

  • iHoneyBadger

    Beautiful! Nice work man. Plus, kudos on the detailed explanation of the setup!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/20/13

  • sebsi

    hi. nice holo setup. great work

  • Paster03

    The best setup I’ve ever seen! :D can’t wait to apply it on my S3 ;)

  • Thand

    Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone!


    The widgets on the Status and Settings screen are just Minimalistic Text widgets with their backgrounds turned on. Specifically, they are HC_SS_RAM, HC_SS_Storage, and HC_SS_Network in


    Whoa! That’s great news. Thanks!

  • Thand


    The only thing I can think of that might fix that is deleting that part of the widget from the Custom Layout screen and re-adding it. It’s under the System tab, and the style you should pick from the drop down is Accented.

  • dadilydoo

    I’ve seen my fair share of great minimalistic homescreens in my days but this must take the prize! Magnificent work :) The only thing I would change is the font at the bottom. Otherwise flawless. I bow to you, sir :)

    One question: Does the MIUI icon pack also includes png files for manual “installation” on app icons? If not, can you still override the theme and change icons for certain apps if you want a couple of apps to have different icons? I have never used an icon pack before so I have no clue :)

  • Jutch

    Is there an alternate icon setting you would recommend? I would like to avoid spending money if I can. Lol. This looks beautiful btw, would it work well on a Nexus 7 or a 7 inch tablet in general?

  • Thand


    Hm, with Nova Launcher, you do have the option to assign whatever image (or icon pack image) you want to any app on your desktop. As for the app drawer, it’s all or nothing as far as I can tell – unless you want to start manually editing APKs.


    I don’t see any reason this shouldn’t work well on the N7. I can try it out when I get home and report back. Unfortunately, I don’t know any other icon pack off head that would serve as a good substitute.

    EDIT: The N7 actually has a 800×1280 resolution, so there might be some issues. Like I said, I’ll try it out later.

  • Jutch

    @Thand Issues with the wallpaper won’t be too big of a deal. I still have that photoshop free trial going on so I can just fix it up then. Thank you very very much for your quick response :-) I can’t wait to hear how it works out on the N7.

  • ak700

    Amazing! Thank You master!

  • DreamRockman

    How do you set the wallpaper? I can’t seem to figure it out :(

  • Thand


    The wallpaper should be set using the portrait mode cropping tool in Nova Launcher. It’s really just a grey screen with a dark grey line towards the bottom. If you’re referring to the cards, this are set up with Desktop VisualizeR. Expand it to the full size of the screen then long press it and tap Send to Back. This can only be down if you’ve enabled Widget Overlap and Overlap when placing in the Nova Launcher settings.

  • DreamRockman

    Fantastic, thank you so much!

  • ctpan23

    loved it..

  • gorle

    best skin so far for the last weeks, whoa, it’s really really impressing. I had a little problem with the 720×1280 resolution screen of my OneX but I solved. If anyone is having problems with that like me reply here, I’ll post the correctly resized cards. Well done for your work :thumbup:

  • jatin26

    I am not able to find nova tool … Where can i find it in the nova settings or somewhere else…plzz specify…

    And how to set the wallaper??.

  • grizzly19

    This is awesome!!!

  • grizzly19

    @gorle Can you post the link for the 720×1280 cards please. Thank you! : )

  • CasseTrop

    Hi, I love this did on my Note2. Thank you.

    Here’s the result:

    @grizzly19 : here’s the wallpaper, haven’t done the cards yet but I kinda like how it comes out with the 768×1280 cards.

  • CasseTrop

    @jatin26 At the home screen hold you finger, choose Wallpaper, then choose a gallery to choose the image you want and when you choose the image you want to set as wallpaper, the Nova Tool option will appear.

  • rajivchopra1827

    How do you create a ‘Jump to Page’ Nova Action shortcut? Thanks!

  • CasseTrop

    @rajivchopra1827 At the home screen hold you finger, choose Nova Action then Jump to page.

  • neXus

    +1 on the 720×1280 cards !

  • jatin26

    +casse trop….ifollowed ur intructions…longpree…wallpaper…gallery…then i selected the wallpaper…no nova tool appered it just showed me to crop and two options at the bottom set and cancel ( i am using HTC one v)@CasseTrop

  • jatin26

    i set the wallpaper but not able to understand how to set the back wallpaper and the front and how to set multiple like in the theme…@CasseTrop

  • Delasi

    @gorle would love a link for the 720×1280 cards for my one x!

  • gorle

    I merged the wallpaper with the cards, so you don’t have to add desktop visualizeR widgets for card 1 to 5. But you need to select the 5 wallpapers and use them in Multipicture Live Wallpaper, hope you all know how to do that :D

  • CasseTrop

    @jatin26 You just need to configure one wallpaper, the grey with the line at the bottom for the dock. All the rest of the stuff is widgets. The Cards (as you refer to by other wallpapers) are just a big Widget using Desktop VisualizeR read all the instructions and you will understand.

  • grizzly19

    @gorle Thank you! ; )

  • HubertSng

    sweet, a good theme that is designed for the Nexus 4

  • MarcoJHB

    Video Tutorial coming shortly so stay tuned!

  • weim5557

    @gorle Page 4/5 did not merge accurately at the arrow part :[

  • weim5557

    @Thand Hey, this is the best setup i’ve ever seen, btw, may i request for black themed for this holo cards? just make a screenshot will do, ill recolor everything myself.

  • MarcoJHB

    Video Tutorial for this screen is available here:

  • ultimatejc

    Is there anyway to up-swipe to get to apps from stock Jelly Bean? Everything else worked awesome!! Thanks so much.

  • ginobili

    Hi, i adapted this for Nexus 7.

    First of all, i’m not a graphic designer at all, so the wallpapers and the images for tabs aren’t perfect, but they look good enough for me.

    Here is the file for the wallpapers and cards for Nexus 7 (1280×800):

    The wallpaper should fit the entire screen in portrait mode.

    Here are the things you should change for making the theme look better:

    Any question, ask me.

    Great work and greetings!

  • CasseTrop

    I’m havvng a little issue with this whole setup, the minimalist text widgets for the page “titles” come and goes , anyone knows how to fix it ?

  • RaveAramashi

    @gorle and everyone, there’s a new dark grey version of this Holo Cards by @thand, and it should be good for those with AMOLED screens and for those who simply likes a dark version of this already awesome theme. Now I’m waiting for someone to resize that dark grey version wallpaper to 1280×720 as I don’t know how XD

  • RaveAramashi
  • carlwouters

    Wow Thand, this is damn awesome !! I hope I will get my Nexus 4 fast to try this one out.

  • Thand

    EDIT: Shoutout to @RaveAramashi for being a little faster than I was!

    Hello everyone!

    Let me start by saying thank you for showing love for my work, and thanks to everyone that has adapted it for other devices and resolutions. A dark theme is now available!:

    I’m looking for feedback, so please drop some comments over there and let me know what you think.

  • Incognegro

    I really love this theme but the wallpapers and the cards dont line up :(, and the worst part is. IM USING IT ON A NEXUS 4.

  • Thand


    Are your nav keys and notification bar hidden?

  • MarkIris

    Wow this is so cool. I’m so excited to do this. So I’m going to. Now. Thanks!

  • RaveAramashi

    @thand thanks for this amazing theme. I used this with ubuntu font and color pallete and i’m loving it

  • Amel

    Pliz it would mean much to me if you like this home screen. I have worked on it and i find it verry nice my self.

  • Naspresso

    Love this ! Using it ATM!

  • iamprinceian

    Hi. how to start on creating this kind of stuffed. sorry i’m a newbe here

  • thanatos

    This is an excellent theme for sure! But has anyone seen drastic battery drain after this? My GS3 phone would last 16 hours, now it barely makes it past 8.

  • cbarrett

    I’m fairly new to theming. I got this all set up on my Nexus 4 and LOVE IT! although, silly question, but how do i get the functionality of the missing navigation bar back in my expanded desktop? if i’m in an app, how do I return home? or to the multitasking window? or go back?

  • cbarrett

    @Thand how do i navigate my phone when i hide the navigation bar on my nexus 4? i can’t get out of apps!

  • Thand


    Thanks for trying it out!


    Unfortunately, I can’t say that’s surprisingly – especially if you have a Super AMOLED screen. The dark version would likely be more friendly to your battery:


    Glad to hear your got everything up and running. You have several options for navigation. As mentioned in the description, I used GMD Gestures. I have swiping left from the right edge as Back, swiping up from the middle bottom edge as Home, swiping up from the right bottom edge as Notifications, swiping up from the left bottom edge as Menu, swiping down from the middle right edge as Recently, plus about 10 other gestures for various applications and shortcuts. Another option would be to use LMT which can be found here:

    Thirdly, if you’re using Paranoid Android, you can enable the PIE feature which functions much the same as LMT. It can be enabled under System Settings > Toolbars.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thand


    Hm, that’s a tough one to answer. A good place to start would be the MyColorScreen YouTube channel. There, you can try following along with some tutorials to get an idea about how different widgets can be utilized and how wallpapers often play key roles. The next thing to do would to to install the widgets/applications, dive in to the settings and just try stuff out. A familiarity with an image editing program like Photoshop also helps a great deal. Good luck!

  • cbarrett

    @Thand I must have missed this info in the original post. I just installed GMD and that seems to be working great. Thanks! And thanks for the amazing work!

  • spicytunaroll

    i’m sort of new to this so i have no idea how this works, but where/ how are we supposed to download/use the images/zip files in the 3 links below?

  • mylenthes

    Anyone have any calendar suggestions that would look good with this theme? I never really read the news so im replacing the news widget with a calendar. I tried simple calendar but no matter what configuration I choose it looks weird. It could be the size im choosing because the problem is the way its indented Idk.

  • LegobrandonCP

    How do you drag the MTPREF files from the to your MinimalisticText folder? Dragging the zip in works, does not show up on the phone.

  • stacio88

    @gorle could you make this but for the dark holo cards? I want to use it with multi live wallpaper. Thanks

  • mihovil13

    Congrats on this awesome screen! It’s great for both phones and tablets!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • FForsberg

    Hello, Absolutely fantastic guide and awsome design on this one!! But I have one problem.. I have set the grey wallpaper and tried to set the cards with miltipicture live wallpaper, but when i have done the 5 individual settings and applied it as my wallpaper, it replaces the grey wallpaper and the screen becomes black at the bottom behind the dock. When i used the desktop visualizer the cards looks blurry and too small. How can i fix this?

  • tallchief

    Hey, I’ve been trying for hours to get this to work on my galaxy note ATT, but i CANNOT get the wallpaper to fit correctly I’ve tried everything I know. Any help?

  • Noscon

    Hi thand

    I love your work a lot and I’m a newbie at this. I we appreciate it if you can tell me how to set the wallpaper for note 2. Thanks much…

  • mfarissier

    I just finished, looks great. Thanks for the video. Quick question, I notice that the email icon does not show number of emails, and phone icon doesn’t show the missed call indicator that I had on my old icons. Any ideas?

  • Thand

    I know these responses are super late and probably obsolete at this point, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to answer anyway:


    Do you have TeslaUnread installed and activated?


    You’ll have to poke around and see if anyone has made wallpaper(s) sized appropriately for the Note 2.


    It seems as though you’re combining the different wallpaper methods, which is not exactly an option. If you use the blank grey wallpaper, you have to go the Desktop VisualizeR route to get the cards. If you want to use Multipicture, you’ll have to find one of the zips several people have made that combine the grey background with the cards.


    There are several methods you can use to get the mtpref files in the right place:

    – Download and extract the files on a computer, then plug in your phone, and drag the extracted files to the MinimalisticTextPreferences folder in your SD card directory (you have to create it if it’s not already there)
    – Use a file manager application on your phone (I use Solid Explorer) to extract the zip and then cut/paste the files in to the proper directory.

  • cheggers33

    Firstly, amazing work Thand – great stuff. I have 1 query though around the icons being dynamic in that if I get a text or a missed call, how is this represented in the layout view? This, for me, would be the only deal breaker for not building this right now! Thanks

  • Selangtao

    it’s so pretty coooooool!!!!
    I love it!!

  • sergioparidas
  • JordanPWilliam

    @CasseTrop Hey Cassie I have a Note too and I was wondering how you created the upcoming calendar in the productivity page? Thanks

  • montagic

    On my Nexus 4, whenever I apply the background, it’ I don’t know why it’s doing this but I’m using the image from the pack and I’m not cropping or anything. Any suggestions?

  • MannyR_

    I love it, but I can’t do it properly on an LG Optimus L3. The cards are quite off when using Desktop VisualizeR or MultiPicture.

  • aaronstuder

    Minimal MIUI Go Apex was removed from the Play Store?

  • RickyAcid

    Any chance of some wallpapers/cards that fit a Galaxy S2? 800×480

    Love the work youve done here.

  • http:[email protected] seroesh

    For everyone who are having trouble with minimalistic text for GS3, you can use UCCW static text wigets for titles.

    and for everyone who are stuck on page two, Luigi Gorlero’s nova backup will make all of your troubles go away.

  • TommyC1969

    What do we do now that the Minimal MIUI Go Apex theme is no longer in the Play store?

  • Shyuan

    Minimal MIUI Go Apex is now Minimal UI Go Apex due to the MIUI copyright thingy. Here’s the link guys.

    To Thand, thank you so much for your tutorial. I am on a non-rooted Nexus 4, i did some tweaks in order to fit the theme as perfect as possible to my phone (since there are 3 software keys there).

    Besides, you may wanna change the Minimal MIUI Go Apex to Minimal UI Go Apex with the link above ;)

    Thank you.

  • http:[email protected] silverdrag2

    Can you please provide a nova backup of the black version ?

  • shmauk

    So I used this theme and compressed it all into one card for people who prefer that –

    Also made a resolution of the background that fits on a non-rooted Nexus 4 (i.e. action buttons still present). You can find it at the theme I linked above.

  • LightishRedd

    I’m having a problem aligning the cards with the grey background on my HTC Sensation. The Sensation has a pixel size of 540×960, so I took all of the image files and scaled them to this size in GIMP. The triangles seem to sit slightly below the dock-line, leading me to believe the problem lies with Desktop VisualizeR. Does this widget not expand to the proper screen size when setting the cards? How do I resolve this problem?

  • Sceptny


  • jonilui

    Every time I choose the gray wallpaper for the homescreen and select portrait, it cuts off the gray line at the bottom. In the preview I can see it, but on the actual screen, it’s gone. I have a nexus 4 and have the right pixel dimensions. Not sure what’s going on. Can anyone help me?

  • http:[email protected] davie9x

    I spent too much time setting up this theme, finally finished it already. Great job!

  • sebastoo69

    Can you do wallpapers ans images to my resolution : 800×480 (I have S3 Mini).

    Edit : It’s ok, i did wallpapers for my resolution :)

  • http:[email protected] 09eric09

    Any chance we can get 1080p images for newer phones?



  1. 1. NOTE: Watch the YouTube video for the most detailed explanation!
  2. 2. Set the wallpaper using the Nova Launcher tool, which should allow you to select the entire thing.
  3. 3. Install Minimal MIUI Go Apex Theme
  4. 4. Install Minimalistic Text and place the .MTPREF files from in the MinimalisticTextPreferences folder in your sdcard directory.
  5. 5. Install Simple Text Icon Creator and place 'home—1358621776.xml' from to the Simple Text/styles folder in your sdcard directory.
  6. 6. Install Simple Text Icon Creator and place 'home—1358621776.xml' from to the Simple Text/styles folder in your sdcard directory.
  7. 7. Install Nova Launcher, Eye in Sky Weather, Simple RSS Widget, Circle Battery Widget, Power Toggles, and Desktop VisualizeR.
  8. 8. See description for relevant specifics on how to set up the widgets mentioned in Step 7.
  9. 9. Create 'Jump to Page' Nova Action shortcuts and place them in your dock. 1 through 5, left to right.
  10. 10. Profit.
Date Added: Sunday, January 20th, 2013 at 6:18 am



Hello, friends! Allow me to introduce Holo Cards. This is a fairly minimal layout inspired heavily by Android’s Holo Light aesthetic, as well as my previous work. I hope you have as much fun viewing and using it as I did creating it.

This tutorial assumes you have a Nexus 4 running a ROM/Mod that allows the software keys to be hidden, such as Expanded Desktop mode provided by Paranoid Android, Xylon, CM 10.1, and many other ROMS. If you plan on trying this on a device with a resolution other than 768×1280, expect to make some tweaks. I use GMD Gestures for navigation. I set my Workspace UI under Paranoid Android Settings to Tablet mode (1000p), and set the User Interface Size to 250 DPI. This was done because the Phone Mode notification panel doesn’t to work with Expanded Desktop enabled, but the Tablet Mode one does. Also, it’s easier to reach the notifications since they pop up from the bottom. I then set up a GMD gesture which pulls up the Notification panel.

Nova Launcher: 12×7 Grid, ‘Small’ Width, ‘None’ Height, untick Show Shadow, ‘None’ Scroll Effect, tick Infinite Scroll, untick Label Icons, tick Widget Overlap and Overlap when placing (these are absolutely CRUCIAL), 1 for Dock Pages, Medium Dock Margin, tick Dock as Overlay, None Folder Background, Stock Scroll Speed. If you can’t get your grid size to reach 12×7, make sure you have the Labs section of Nova Launcher unlocked by long pressing Volume Down while on the Nova Settings page. Under Labs, tick Big Grid Size Options. For anyone who might be interested, I also ticked UI Lock, Widget Image Async List, and Widget Image Cache.

Minimalistic Text: Used to create the titles of the cards, the clock and date, the category titles on Favorite Applications card, and the statistics on the Status and Settings card. For the card titles, place 5×1 widgets on your homescreen, tap the widget to edit it, scroll down to Restore and select the appropriate title for the page (HC_Entertainment for the Entertainment card, etc). The same rule applies for making the category titles for the Favorite Applications card and the statistics on the Status and Settings card. They are called HC_FA_XXX and HC_SS_XXX respectively, where XXX is the title name. In the likely event you want to change the names of any of these, tap on Custom Layout (after you’ve used Restore to load the widget you plan to edit), tap the gray box that says Static Text, then edit the name in the window that pops up. The horizontal line for the Favorite Applications dividers are actually underlined empty spaces – so if you choose to change the name, you may have to add or remove spaces for the divider to retain the proper length. The clock and date are two different widgets – HC_Clock and HC_Date.

Simple Text Icon Creator: Used to create the text icons in the dock. To create the icons, long press the dock shortcuts you made and tap Edit > tap the icon > Icon Pack > Simple Text > home. From this point, edit the title to the appropriate name, then tap the menu icon and hit Save Icon.

Circle Battery Widget: Enable Show Background under the Circle section.

Desktop VisualizeR: Used for the white card backgrounds on all of the homescreens, the page indicator arrow, and the artwork on the Entertainment card. Starting on Page 1 (the leftmost homescreen), Add a 4×4 widget to your homescreen, stretch it to fit the ENTIRE screen, then tap it to edit. Tap Select Icon > Image Files, then choose card1.png. Repeat this for your other homescreens using cardx.png, where x is the number of the homescreen you’re working on. The order is important because these images not only include the card background, but the page indicator arrow as well. For the artwork on the Entertainment page, create a 4×2 widget and use ‘entertainment_art.png’ as the icon. Select None for the Launch action – Unless you actually want one, of course.