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  • mystro2b

    This is very cool mnml look. Can’t wait for the uzip

  • Mujodroid

    very nice work man :D

  • PLQ


  • androto
  • androto

    @Mujodroid thanks buddy

  • androto

    @PLQ grazie mille!

  • HalfManHalfBiscuit

    Simple and clean,really nice buddy :)

  • androto
  • itsaizy

    Tutorial Please

  • titans10


  • androto

    @itsaizy I’ll try during the day

  • androto

    @titans10 thanks buddy!

  • androto
  • jean_ed

    one of my favorite ! good job

  • androto

    @jean_ed thank you very much

  • hairy9802

    hye having trouble with your uzip files..seems like some elements are missing..mind to update a new one??thanks

  • androto
  • neillee73

    Can u share the wallpaper PSD file~~~???(sorry my english not well)

  • androto

    @neillee73 sorry I didn’t save it

  • garyarts

    really love this setup

  • androto

    @garyarts thank you very much very kind of you

  • sefira

    Can I also get the wallpapers for the next 2 screens please? Very nice job here. :)

  • Amel

    Pliz it would mean much to me if you like this home screen. I have worked on it and i find it verry nice my self.

  • androto

    @sefira it’s the same on all screens… icons are hiddens by uccw widget

  • sefira

    @pippoto Oh I see. Thx! :)

  • pulkit1224

    @pippoto i do not know shit about custoization i really like your theme help me to set it up

  • xritapx

    Hi Pippoto I dont know how to do this I love your home screen but I cant seem to get it to work I cant find the U zip file after I save it please help me


    @xritapx you have to import the uzip from UCCW! check tutorial

  • xritapx

    Ok where do I save the uzip?? Because when I save it I can never find it after I save it thats the main issue im having


    @xritapx You can save it anywhere… but then you have to import the uzip from UCCW (create a new widget -> uzip)

  • xritapx

    Ok I have the galaxy note 2 & I cant seem to do this correctly I cant ever find the uzip file so imIin need of some serious help


    @xritapx wow things are getting serious! ahah what in “put uzip on sdcard, import from uccw” doesn’t work for you?

  • xritapx

    Ok I had to extract it on my computer it wouldnt do it on my phone so im working on the other steps I hope Im gonna get it right this time I got the clock, home screen, and all the other stuff right do I save each of them??


    @xritapx seriously I don’t understand your problem… if you don’t know how to save a file on your phone do some search on the web it’s not my fault… extract the zip, transfer uzip from computer to phone, extract uzip from UCCW…

  • NUrsi

    Beautiful screen, clean and stylish :-)


    @NUrsi thanks!

  • craigsrandomz

    @pippoto great screen. What did you use for notification bar with the three icons. Not included in the uccw drop box files.


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simple one
fun with circle from labbler website
all you need: