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  • mystro2b

    Oh yes!!! Must do. Looks amazing

  • amalcns

    i’ve gotta suggestion,u know around that knob u could do a battery circle with gaps in between like xniikk’s or nikk’ would look too nice!u could also make some screen jumpers placed above those icons!:)glad to help:)

  • Blakczar

    That looks fantastic man!

  • jobe1785

    Can’t wait for the final screens. Please complete and share! =)

  • HalfManHalfBiscuit

    Damn that one is hot,i say it and thought maybe doing something simulare that.
    Now i leave it in your hands,lol.
    Would love to see your final outcome,make it good.

    I thought starting doing a screen in a style/colors like this one from Dribble

  • brjshshrma


  • chromium

    Thanks everyone, I should be done in about a week and I’ll release it here and put the files on my blog (

  • chromium

    @amalcns thanks I think I’ll take your suggestions on the battery circle around the knob, but what do u mean by screen jumpers

  • chromium

    should i upload one screen at a time as i make them, or all of them together once im done them all?

  • amalcns

    @chromium screen jumpers,what i meant is that tapping an icon takes u to that screen.for example if u tap the weather icon it would take u to the weather info screen,if u know what i mean:)

  • chromium

    @amalcns o yeah!, thats what i was already doing. See in the pic the weather icon is selected in the bar so the weather knob shows up. Im planning on having four screens (home, weather, rss feed, apps)

  • Olan

    it rocks, love the weather icon

  • chromium

    @Olan thanks they are called climacons

  • amalcns

    @chromium Great!hope u release it ASAP:)

  • supermario81

    this looks really promising! hope to see the result soon!

  • chromium

    @amalcns thanks like i said, i have exams this week so it should be done at the begining of february

  • chromium

    @supermario81 thanks….soon

  • footsteps88

    @chromium amazing. looking forward to its releasexx

  • chromium
  • Sideous

    I want this :D

  • Captain_Muscles

    Registered just to mark this one as loved and say that I am looking forward to its release.

  • chromium

    @Captain_Muscles thanks a lot

  • z438039843

    well, nice!

  • tygerchylde

    Looks like it’s gonna be awesome! Can’t wait!

  • AT428HK

    can’t wait too~great ps work!

  • chromium
  • Ereinion

    Looking awsome

  • chromium

    @Ereinion thank you

  • Thisseas

    Really great. I’m looking forward to it !

  • chromium

    @Thisseas thanks

  • cuezaireekaa

    this is gonna be a jaw dropper. thanks for the amazing art

  • Amel

    Pliz it would mean much to me if you like this home screen. I have worked on it and i find it verry nice my self.

  • chromium

    @Amel its nice but when you uploaded the pic of it, you should have chosen “upload without a phone template”. Now it looks really weird, like some phoneception stuff.

Date Added: Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 9:45 am

Just made this in Photoshop with some inspiration from a couple of people’s UI elements down at Dribble. I’m planning to go in depth with this one and put some effort into it, so before I go ahead I just want to make sure people actually like it. So let me know you opinion and any ideas you might have before I release the full set of screens.
Check out my blog for other screens and details soon: