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Date Added: Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 6:45 am

Played with the colors of my last screen and made 2 more versions… one elegant grey and a colorful purple.

I´d share files at the weekend if you like them ;)

Please show me you love if you like my work.

  1. Posted 2013/01/24 at 7:50 am | Permalink

    @ oemstyla – The grey one is the business. Good Work

  2. Posted 2013/01/24 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    no more teasing…we like…we want…you share! :-)

  3. Posted 2013/01/24 at 9:10 am | Permalink

    Lookin good!!

  4. Posted 2013/01/24 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    nice setup, files please =)

  5. Posted 2013/01/24 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Pls share

  6. Posted 2013/01/24 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    Added all files to my latest setup ->

    Thanks for your love :)

  7. Posted 2013/01/25 at 2:04 am | Permalink

    @oemstyla how did you get the purple background for the whether widget? Did you just make it yourself? I’m new to this whole site, and love the purple!

  8. Posted 2013/01/30 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    The purple background is part of the wallpaper

  9. Posted 2013/01/30 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    love your screen.can you please give me the link to the background wallpaper with the city please?

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