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  • predator

    Great dark version of Thand’s theme I love it! Would it be possible for you to create the cards and wallpaper for Galaxy S3 res 1280×720 please? That would be awesome thanks :)

  • ohmz

    @predator I can do that for you. I will upload it by the end of the weekend hopefully

  • RaveAramashi

    I would love that too, if you merge the background with the 5 wallpapers then it’ll be even better since we don’t have to use Desktop Visualizer for that card anymore and can just use MultiPic Wallpaper for setting up all those 5 screens. Thanks a lot btw, I love darker version of this awesome theme :)

  • predator

    @ohmz that would be fantastic! can’t wait thanks :)
    @RaveAramashi +1

  • carlwouters

    Nice !

  • osully

    Is this meant for use with softkeys as in the pictures?

    I’d really appreciate some brief tutorial notes on how to set this up, I’m assuming it’s a little different since it looks like you have a GNex with the softkeys instead of an N4 without. :)

  • gooph

    10x for everythink i ve made it on my sgn7000 and isss F. awesome, 10x u mate for the work its really beauctifull :)

  • Nightscape

    @predator @RaveAramashi
    Sorry didn’t receive your message earlier. I have the merged wallpapers of my version up if you’re still looking.

  • gooph

    page num 5 is missing(black one) from the link, s.o. to give me a link pls :)

  • spicytunaroll

    would this work on my galaxy nexus? what would i have to do to make it work?

  • ericb

    what are the steps after downloading backgrounds?

  • ashwinv11

    @ohmz Hey could you resize it for the s3 (1280 x 720) and the nexus 7 (1,280 x 800)? Thanks!


  1. 1. go to,DZKu897,HGnpOsW,y6PreRm,o63TqWP,A84CH3a
  2. 2. save all 5 wallpapers ( it looks like nothing is there but that is the dark wallpaper itself) 5 to be exact
  3. 3. replace the white ones using desktop visualizer
  4. 4. the main wallpaper can be found on the side -->
Date Added: Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 11:39 am

This was all the hard work and sweat by Thand who created this beautiful theme. I just heard a lot of people wanting a dark version because of the AMOLED battery drain on lighter homescreens