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  • Thand
  • Incognegro

    Love it, even better than the original. The dark grey makes the black look even more black. everything looks well done. took a while to fully install the theme and edit all files, even on my nexus 4 since, ya know, not running cm10 or anyother custom roms

  • carlwouters

    Thanks Thand, just awesome !!

  • RaveAramashi

    Wow dream come true. Great job @thand :D

  • RaveAramashi

    @gorle time to edit and resize this one :P

  • LFCFredda

    I have resized them to 720×1280 and they fits just fine in multi picture wallpaper. I have merged the wallpaper with the cards too so you have to set up 5 walls in multi picture wallpaper. I can share the if you want.
    Thanks for the files and for a lovely theme. This can be a keeper :), hope ypu dont mind sharing the walls.

  • dalisayalbert524

    another epic version of HOLO Cards theme…well done Thand…can you please share the complete 5 wallpapers black edition, together with the blue small arrow…thanks

  • RSN1

    Very good work my friend! Congrats!
    I tried to replicate it but the cards are too long on my Phone. The arrows are too low on the screen. It seems you have the same one as me, a nexus 4. Could anybody tell me why is it happening? Thanks in advance guys!

  • Thand


    Are your navigation keys and notification bar hidden? Is your dock set as Overlay?

  • pyrobank

    Thank’s for these.
    Anyone who wants the wallpaper’s for phone resolution 540×960 (like my HTC One S)
    can use these:

    and set them up in multi picture live wallpaper.

  • dalisayalbert524

    @pyrobank thanks for the wallpapers its perfect to my Samsung S3…..

  • RSN1

    When you have a custom ROM that allows you to hide the navigation keys ,can you still access it when you launch an application or is it gone for good? I’ve noticed that the notifications bar comes back when I launch an app and although I could go without the navigation keys on the home screen I find it very handy when I’m in another app. I just rooted a device for the first time so I’m sorry for the silly questions .

  • gooph

    i ve made it for gn7000 edit the walls and suit perfect(white version), may i ask u to where i can find the black ones but to used them with livewallpaper app ?

  • cbarrett

    I’m fairly new to theming. I got this all set up on my Nexus 4 and LOVE IT! although, silly question, but how do i get the functionality of the missing navigation bar back in my expanded desktop? if i’m in an app, how do I return home? or to the multitasking window? or go back?

  • Thand


    Answered this on the original Holo Cards page for you. :-)

  • RaveAramashi

    @thand I’ve been rocking your white Holo Cards for more than a week already. Loving it so much. And my friends were all like wow I didn’t know Android can be this good looking and yet so minimalistic and uncluttered. Thanks again :D

    P/S Nobody wants to merge the wallpaper to the cards? :(

  • Thand


    Check my recent comment on the original Holo Cards theme for some alternative navigation solutions.


    I’m glad you like it so much! I’ve never actually made any of those merged wallpaper files that are floating around, but I can try whipping some up when I get home.

  • thanatos

    Hope this will work better for my battery! Do you reckon it’s the active wallpaper hogging the battery?

  • Thand


    I’ve never actually used the Live Wallpaper method myself, but from what I understand about them, they do indeed use more power.

  • thanatos

    I need to use active wallpapers to have the blue arrows line up since I’m on a GS3 :(

    Also, are the colors of the minimal text “Entertainment”, “News and Weather” etc. different from the light cards theme? I used the DHC fonts but they look the same…

  • Thand


    The DHC titles are white, the HC titles are light grey.

  • RSN1

    Thanks for the help Thand. I just found an app at the play store that hide the ^&*( bar, so I don’t need to have a custom ROM anymore :)

  • Jonny4

    Heyas, I don’t have the blue bar at the bottom, did I miss a step even though I checked 3 times?

  • Thand


    What device are you using?

  • TxemaCG

    I put the wallpapers using the first method and I was unable of put any widget. I only get the resize/eliminate menu whit the long press. And I can’t use the second method because there aren’t 720×1280 images :-(

  • Thand


    You must have forgetten to enable ‘Widget Overlap’ and ‘Overlap when placing’ under Desktop in Nova Settings.

  • LegobrandonCP

    How do you drag the MTPREF files from the to your MinimalisticText folder? Dragging the zip in works, does not show up on the phone.

  • weim5557

    Thand, THANKYOU!!!

  • MysteryE

    I’m using Note2 and made slight tweak for the image.

    I have problem with Desktop VisualizeR. The images are all blurry, I can see a badly blurry blue triangle on my screen, I’ve tried using the original image (which is meant for Nexus 4), they are all also blurry.
    So I tried the Multi Pack Live Wallpaper. But alas, it’s not working well. It always show 1 same image, even though I’ve set them all for each page. Maybe not compatible to Note2, I dunno…

    Other than this problem, the rest are fine.

  • TxemaCG

    @Thand No, I have it correctly configured but I have a solution: widgets from app drawer.

  • KaranDevilOCS

    how can i set this on my NEXUS 7 without vanishing my button bar !?(or are ther any flashable simple mods without changing rom itself???)

    i set the white one on my ONE X with 720*1280 Version and MultiLive PIC Method! AWESOME!

    plz Reply! ;)

  • DroidVoid

    please provide an alternative download link. the given links do not work for me. thanks

  • bebopvinh

    I’m fairly new to android customization. But, I was able to get the Circle Battery background to match the color of the wallpaper provided by scaling it Red: 23, Green: 25, Blue: 29. I used a color picker app. Is there an easier way to do this? Can anyone confirm or is it different for every screen? Running it on Stock 4.1 with a GS3.

  • elementology

    @Thand How do I disable navigation buttons on Nexus 4 running CM10.1?

  • Thand


    Expanded Desktop should be an option in your Power menu. If not, it can be added from somewhere in the settings.

  • elementology

    @Thand Thanks for the response. I have enabled Expanded Desktop but unfortunately the navigation buttons are still appearing at the bottom of my screen just underneath the blue line (which is where “info, play, home, news, apps” should go)

  • amosljl

    Hi sir. I truly appreciate your hard work and I’m loving you! Just one question. How do I get the blue line above the small blue arrows for my home screen wallpaper?? I really love the thin blue line lying above the small cutie arrow:)
    Have a great day everyone

  • hihiken9

    @Thand I am using Nexus 4 and I didnt adopt any other roms but i have rooted my phone.
    I changed the position of those little pointers and the size of the black cube so it will fit my phone with the software keys. Sorry for talking trash and here are my questions.

    Why only “resize” and “remove” option appear when i long-pressed the cube but not showing the menu with “Nova Actions”, “Apps”, “Shortcuts”, “Widgets”, “Wallpapers”? I’m sure that i have enabled ‘Widget Overlap’ and ‘Overlap when placing’.

  • Dan_McStab

    I had the same problem as you on my Note
    Turns out to get the image to change in MultiPic Live wallpaper I needed to enable Wallpaper Scrolling in Nova Settings too

  • MysteryE

    This is weird…
    I’ve already enable the Wallpaper Scrolling in Nova Settings, but nothing changed..
    the live pic wallpaper always stuck on 2nd wallpaper. No change when I slide to other page. hmm…

  • Thand

    I apologize for the super late responses, but here goes:


    The only way you can see the options you listed is if you’re long-pressing on the ACTUAL background of a home screen – something that is completely covered by this particular set up. You’ll have to move a widget or two out of the way to be able to long press on the background.


    What device are you using? The blue line is part of the (included) wallpaper and should be showing up provided your device is the appropriate resolution. Did you select the entire image with Nova’s portrait mode cropping tool?


    Hmm, not to sure about this one. What device and ROM are you using? Could you post a screenshot of the problem anywhere?

  • Hamduden

    Would someone mind making the “Images” 800×1280? So that it fits the Nexus 7.

  • amosljl

    Thanks for replying Thand:) I’m using the Gt19300 international galaxy S3. How do I do the Nova tools?? I use quick pic to set the wallpaper but I didn’t see the blue line:( thanks anw!

  • jmz13

    absolutely stunning @Thand! this is definately going to be my Nexus 4 theme, however, is it possible to make a version that keeps the nav keys? thanks!

  • dTDesign

    Yay! No Dropbox! Great :D
    Looks amazing! Thanks for this awesome Design and a absolutely great tutorial! Hang on! I follow you :P

  • Atthasit

    This is gorgeous. Exactly what I was looking for. Took some time to set up but it’s absolutely worth the time. I am now your fan.

  • javierationmex

    I really wish I could use this. It’s beautiful. But I don’t want to move away from stock rooted Nexus 4. Has anyone changed the images to work with this set up that could share them with me?

  • mws1986

    I have an lg optimus g which has the same screen size as nexus a 4.7″ (768 x 1280) True HD IPS Plus Display but when I put the cards on top of the wallpaper its not sharp the arrow is pixelated. Any ideas why

  • bsballkingben99

    I finally got this all setup on my Atrix 2. Simply amazing. Good work my friend.

  • Ashanmaril

    Thank you! I really wanted to do this on my S III, since I thought it would help my battery with the AMOLED display and all, but I didn’t know how to go about cropping down from the Nexus 4’s aspect ratio. Turns out I didn’t have to cause you had already done it! Thanks!

  • MightyMackinac

    Good Work. Hope you don’t mind if I improve upon them. I made the cards the same size and aligned across the different screens.

    Link to Updated Images

  • xicecream

    Thand could you please make a format for a higher resolution phone?
    I’m using Sony Xperia Z with 1920x1080p, I tried using Microsoft Paint did it slowly, but I just cant get the spacing correct because I’m using status bar too, and I’m bad at photoshop. So yeah, could you please make pictures format for 1920x1080p(441ppi) too please?

  • Colee

    @Thand. Hi! I love this homescreen and I’m a newbie in terms of doing these things. I can’t seem to find the folder of Simple Text and MinimalistTextPreference on my sdcard. I’m using Galaxy Note 2. Thanks in advance for the reply :)

  • skillzandkillz

    Hi I really like this overhaul. But i am using a galaxy nexus and have ran in to a bit of a problem. the wallpaper doesn’t align properly and i understand you said this is for 720×1280 but was wondering if anyone out there could edit the picture so i would be able to use it. and second problem is that the desktop visualizer card way the arrows seem to be pix-elated quite a bit and take away from the experience and tips on how to fix this? Thanks for your time.

  • http:[email protected] seroesh

    @Luigi Gorlero
    Can u make a nova backup for 720×1280 for this version or can anyone do that.. cuz the arrow is stuck at page two :(

  • mada360

    I really didn’t want to bother you with something that’s probably already been asked, but I can’t work it out. The multipicture live wallpaper just doesn’t work on my Galaxy S2 it just stays on the screen 2 image. I’ve tried changing the wallpaper scrolling settings in both the Nova launcher and the live wallpaper and nothing.

    I did originally use the desktop visualizer method but it does kinda look poopy when the arrow doesn’t touch the line and it’s blurry, not to mention the pain that is re sizing them on each page to add widgets etc..

    So is there actually a bug or am I just missing something? :/

  • http:[email protected] seroesh

    Go to the original Holo Cards theme, there you’ll find Luigi Gorlero’s 720×1280 images along with a nova backup.. but before you do that.. have the multipicture live wallpaper set up and let it stuck on screen 2, then just restore Luigi Gorlero’s backup, it will automatically setup the theme!! the scrolling and all the widgets, but of course the widgets he has and the shortcuts he had are some of them u don’t have, just change those and you are good to go!

    This will work for all GS3 users as well.

    The only thing is GS3 Minimalistic Text doesn’t have the restore option as shown in the video tutorial, so I used UCCW for all the texts and it served the purpose, had to do a lil more work tho, but in the end everything worked out!

  • thewiseoutlaw

    I also resized. If you choice multi live wallpaper and use fill screen these work pretty well.

    I also found a minimalist text that had the restore option

  • tionation

    i cannot download or open i don’t know why. Can anybody help me?

  • AbhishekAbz

    My phone resolution is 540 X 960
    Is it possible to get this home screen on my phone

    please help me out guys…
    i’am new to this whole stuffs…..

  • Sceptny

    thank you!

  • yellowperil

    Great theme! Made an account just so I could say thank you. Also, one question: the line under the subcategories on the Favorite Applications page don’t seem to be showing up on mine. Could you tell me what I could do to make them show up?

  • lokster86

    multipicture wallpaper doesnt work :( thats the only part of the theme i cant get working. i followed the video and read the comments, lots of people having the same problem. any alternatives?
    other than that everything works great and this is a beautiful minimal theme :)

  • Whiz

    If you are having difficulties with wallpaper switching, I have found that Go Multiple Wallpaper works to scroll the wallpapers as an alternative to MultiPicture Live.

    Unfortunately MinimalistText doesnt seem to have a resize function anymore (at least not on Jellybean on Galaxy S4) which leaves the clock etc a little small but thats not the end of the world :)

  • http:[email protected] mayorblurps

    I just figured I would throw this out there — I had a lot better luck using Zooper Widget Pro to recreate everything he did with Minimalistic Text, as well as the battery widget. In the end, I was able to recreate this homescreen set up using only Zooper Pro, Eye in the Sky, Simple RSS, and Power Toggles.

  • http:[email protected] jiggaboy

    Hi i hope i receive a response because ive been looking and looking, @Thand i saw your answer about the long press on top of the “Desktop VisualizeR” how come the guy on the video can do it how is he doing it?

  • sujith

    @Thand how to download this one?



  1. 1. NOTE: Watch the YouTube video for the most detailed explanation!
  2. 2. NOTE: For the dark version, make sure the files you're downloading say DHC somewhere in them.
  3. 3. NOTE: If the files/zips start with HC or and anything besides DHC, it's for the original light version.
  4. 4. Set the wallpaper using the Nova Launcher tool, which should allow you to select the entire thing with the Portrait setting.
  5. 5. Install Minimal MIUI Go Apex Theme
  6. 6. Install Minimalistic Text and place the .MTPREF files from in the MinimalisticTextPreferences folder in your sdcard directory.
  7. 7. Install Simple Text Icon Creator and place 'home—1358621776.xml' from to the Simple Text/styles folder in your sdcard directory.
  8. 8. Install Nova Launcher, Eye in Sky Weather, Simple RSS Widget, Circle Battery Widget, Power Toggles, and Desktop VisualizeR.
  9. 9. See description for relevant specifics on how to set up the widgets mentioned in Step 8.
  10. 10. Create 'Jump to Page' Nova Action shortcuts and place them in your dock. 1 through 5, left to right.
  11. 11. ???
  12. 12. Profit.
Date Added: Sunday, January 27th, 2013 at 5:37 am

Original Version:


This tutorial assumes you have a Nexus 4 running a ROM/Mod that allows the software keys to be hidden, such as Expanded Desktop mode provided by Paranoid Android, Xylon, CM 10.1, and many other ROMS. If you plan on trying this on a device with a resolution other than 768×1280, expect to make some tweaks. I use GMD Gestures for navigation. I set my Workspace UI under Paranoid Android Settings to Tablet mode (1000p), and set the User Interface Size to 250 DPI. This was done because the Phone Mode notification panel doesn’t to work with Expanded Desktop enabled, but the Tablet Mode one does. I then set up a GMD gesture which pulls up the Notification panel.

Nova Launcher: 12×7 Grid, ‘Small’ Width, ‘None’ Height, untick Show Shadow, ‘None’ Scroll Effect, tick Infinite Scroll, untick Label Icons, tick Widget Overlap and Overlap when placing (these are absolutely CRUCIAL), 1 for Dock Pages, Medium Dock Margin, tick Dock as Overlay, None Folder Background, Stock Scroll Speed. If you can’t get your grid size to reach 12×7, make sure you have the Labs section of Nova Launcher unlocked by long pressing Volume Down while on the Nova Settings page. Under Labs, tick Big Grid Size Options. For anyone who might be interested, I also ticked UI Lock, Widget Image Async List, and Widget Image Cache.

Minimalistic Text: Used to create the titles of the cards, the clock and date, the category titles on Favorite Applications card, and the statistics on the Status and Settings card. For the card titles, place 5×1 widgets on your homescreen, tap the widget to edit it, scroll down to Restore and select the appropriate title for the page (DHC_Entertainment for the Entertainment card, etc). The same rule applies for making the category titles for the Favorite Applications card and the statistics on the Status and Settings card. They are called DHC_FA_XXX and DHC_SS_XXX respectively, where XXX is the title name. In the likely event you want to change the names of any of these, tap on Custom Layout (after you’ve used Restore to load the widget you plan to edit), tap the gray box that says Static Text, then edit the name in the window that pops up. The horizontal line for the Favorite Applications dividers are actually underlined empty spaces – so if you choose to change the name, you may have to add or remove spaces for the divider to retain the proper length. The clock and date are two different widgets – DHC_Clock and DHC_Date.

Simple Text Icon Creator: Used to create the text icons in the dock. To create the icons, long press the dock shortcuts you made and tap Edit > tap the icon > Icon Pack > Simple Text > home. From this point, edit the title to the appropriate name, then tap the menu icon and hit Save Icon.

Circle Battery Widget: Enable Show Background under the Circle section.

Desktop VisualizeR: Used for the white card backgrounds on all of the homescreens, the page indicator arrow, and the artwork on the Entertainment card. Starting on Page 1 (the leftmost homescreen), Add a 4×4 widget to your homescreen, stretch it to fit the ENTIRE screen, then tap it to edit. Tap Select Icon > Image Files, then choose DHC_Card1.png. Repeat this for your other homescreens using DHC_CardX.png, where X is the number of the homescreen you’re working on. The order is important because these images not only include the card background, but the page indicator arrow as well. For the artwork on the Entertainment page, create a 4×2 widget and use ‘DHC_Entertainment_Art.png’ as the icon. Select None for the Launch action.