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    J’aime beaucoup :) Parfait pour mon Note II, c’est le concept que je recherchais !!

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    @gokudarkaqw merci:)
    I can’t understand I used Google Translate…English is my native Language…
    That is why I love Art, It breaks all barriers and reaches everyone…


  1. 1. Extract the 'La routina' zip...
  2. 2. Copy the 'data' folder in your internal sd card...Merge if asked..
  3. 3. After doing that....go to nova launcher on 'backup and import'...then on 'Restore'... Then click on 'Routine'
  4. 4. Then click on restore widgets on homescreen and select respective uzips for their respective places
  5. 5. For Multipicture Live Wallpaper settings...Select The Walls for respective screens.....
  6. 6. Also in those MLP settings..go to the bottom of settings...Click on 'Workaround for some home application' and click 'Ignore vertical Move.'
  7. 7. Use Desktop VisualizeR to place blank icons on the Images in 'Media' and 'Fun'
  8. 8. Everything else will be taken care off by the Nova Settings restore...
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Video Tutorial will be up tomorrow:)