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  • Rasa13

    Awesome!! Love this. Well done. <3

  • Rasa13

    Pleasue upload all of it! ;) lol

  • alongkang

    yes! please upload the uccwfile . love to try it out

  • bschke

    what is this semicircle on the first screen? it looks awesome!!

  • gokudarkaqw

    YEAH ! Please upload your UCCW files dude, this is so good !! :D

  • Evoschecter

    This looks Great! Finally Purple that looks good!
    Can you give instructions? I see that P.A. hahaha!

  • oznerol4

    share please!

  • mszaku


  • rrohanjs

    very neat, please share

  • as66

    Please share the Lockscreen wallpaper!

  • studiorat

    Are there any UCCW files? apex settings/nova settings? Please share I want to get my tweak on…
    lol thanx awesome job

  • Craigtut

    @Rasa13 @alongkang @gokudarkaqw @oznerol4 @rrohanjs @as66 @studiorat

    Here are the Uccw Files as well as the other Wallpaper used on the Lockscreen. I used apex in Tablet mode, status bar hidden, with a grid of 8 x 8.

    @bschke Its a custom Rom feature on Paranoid Android.

  • studiorat

    that semi circle is a rom feature?….Really …. Cool…..I was running b Paranoid Android and never found that ….thats cool as hell

  • Powderhauser
  • misiii

    this is awesome!
    could you share the presentation wallpaper as well? i love it :D

  • SoCoolCurt

    the semi circle is called PIE in ParanoidAndroid and i’m pretty sure they just added it in the latest release. at any rate, you can use LMT Launcher to get the same on any ROM and it can completely suppliment the need for a nav bar, giving you more screen real estate and looking cool as hell in the process.

    it’s not exactly the same but here is the link to LMT Launcher which works best with a ROM that lets you set the nav bar height to 0.

  • RaveAramashi

    That semi circle is LMT Launcher, you can run it on most rooted Android devices


  1. 1. Here are the files -
Date Added: Sunday, January 27th, 2013 at 7:10 am

A rather minimalistic approach that follows the holo style while remaining sleek and stylish. Credits for the Icons go to Black Bear Blanc.
This is a three screen setup with an insert card on each screen, one with the picture and two with widgets on them.
Here are the Uccw files and the other Wallpaper.