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Date Added: Sunday, January 27th, 2013 at 12:58 pm

inspired by the theme created by hitman1k,

so i decided to do my own version of it. i did it on nova launcher because i don’t have apex pro.

i layered the leonardo da vinci sketches on top of the wallpaper and googled a few icons to finished it up.

  • jcuria321

    Do you happen to have a link for the files needed for this. It is simply awesome! I have a galaxy nexus i515 by the way, so I don’t know if that matters. Anyway, I would really like to put that on my phone. Thanks!!!

  • rrohanjs

    @jcuria321 i used files from this —

    check out my profile i have fit it on my gnex with those files, not much adjustment needed and tutorial is provided in the link i gave you

  • alongkang

    thank you. i’m pretty sure it’ll works fine on your nexus . i forgot to mention that i stacked up a hidden folders each on the media, games and tools label .

    here it is the link . i made a slight changes to it because of the hotspots issue.

  • HeartOfFart

    Hey, awesome layout! Do you need the paid version of Nova or does the free one work? Anyways, how do you install it?

  • Kvernen

    Yeah, how?:)

  • alongkang

    @HeartOfFart @Kvernen

    no, i just used the free version :)

  • HeartOfFart

    How did you do it? :)

  • camiloesc

    Awesome @alongkang !! could be my next theme :D

  • alongkang

    @camiloesc thanks camilo. u should try it. it’s really an eye candy screen

  • alongkang

    i followed this tutorial as my guide

    hope it’ll help u ;)

  • balducien

    What are those fancy white icons?

  • rrohanjs

    @alongkang how you got the icons to tilt ?

  • alongkang


    ~ just a normal icons that i took from the internet and customized it to fit my needs .. u can download it here

  • alongkang

    @rrohanjs uccw. u should try it.. ;)

  • rrohanjs

    @alongkang i do use uccw but can you tell me how please, guide me in the right direction, ill manage from there

  • CodingZone

    @rrohanjs Insert image>>.Select the Icon>>>>Hunt for the angle option in UCCW>>>Change the angle to tilt it

  • alongkang


    i assumed that u just wanna know how to tilt the icons right? so let’s begin

    first , u have to select the widget icons (that u hv created with uccw) that u wanna tilt, tap on it and it’ll straight away take u to uccw settings. remember u got to turn off the hotspot mode first before u do this step

    then tap select object , select which image u wanna tilt. after that u’ll see the angle box is activated. tap on the angle box and from there you’re free to tilt any angle u want with the image and closed it . go to your home screen and u’ll see the changes

    that’s all. hope it’ll help u ;)

  • twist3d

    I’m unable to configure tat on my note2 :|… Can u help me out

  • edub34

    I made the original “vintage” one a few days ago and all though it looked great it was missing some important features.So I made another theme, which is currently a keeper for me. But your screen takes it to another level. I’ll be making this one or one similar when and if I get bored with my current screen which I love. Thanks for sharing.

  • alongkang

    @twist3d the whole process or just a certain parts?

  • alongkang

    thank you @edub34 . .. do share your outcome in here . maybe you can improve more of this theme . love to see that ;)

  • twist3d

    @alongkang The whole process … I follow the channel on YouTube religiously… However i always fail to make one looking at the tutorial…
    Most of the fones are s3 / htc / sony..
    can u plz explain me wat is the whole process for setting up my note 2..Thank you

    Last but not the least can u tell me where i can download some icon packs png like the ones u have … I’m in love with ur icons

  • alongkang

    @twist3d well, i’m not pretty sure the settings on note 2, but i just think it’s the same. why don’t u try this vintage nova backup

    but make sure you download and paste these files in the correct folders first

  • juanpedrodb

    How can I install the theme?

  • twist3d

    U are a kind man … Thanks let me c if it works and I will get back to you.. peace

  • twist3d

    can u tell me where can i download those icons in the dock… I know u have uploaded them…
    However I just wanted to know if i could find something interesting … Thanks

  • twist3d

    U know wat with some tweaking i got it working for my note 2 and brothers s3 hhehehe.. I just love this awsome theme …. However i need to ask u one simple thing tat media . google , games and tools i need to configure tat bro… how did u do tat :D thanks a ton again and bless u

  • alongkang

    @twist3d congrats man! :) . nice theme eh? i can’t help mysself to stared at the screen everytime lol .

    for media, games and tools, i just left it to be static text coz on the home screen i placed a folders each on top of the labels and then edit it to be invisible. u can get the invisible icon from various of icon packs in google play and mine is

    and for the icons in the dock, i just search any random vector image of antiques or vintages phones, mailbox, camera etc on google and customized it the way i want in photoshop . that’s it ;)

  • alongkang
  • twist3d

    I know for a fact this screen is gonna get me laid :D
    The only thing tat bothers me is tat how did u place the folder perfectly over tools games media I’m not able to do that…

  • alongkang

    @twist3d LOLOLOL! good luck on that XD

    no man. my folders did not placed perfectly over the labels. because of the grid obviously.
    i just get it as close as it can be to the labels.

    but now i’m using this widget as folders. it can be resized an overlapped

    looks different tho