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  • mrsegev

    I really like it. Could you kindly upload.. well.. EVERYTHING!!@#!@!. Thanks.

  • oemstyla

    That´s awesome… could you please share the grey structured background? :)

  • Gnaver

    Stuff please

  • nikk

    @all: Thx! :) I will share the stuff once I finde the time, don’t worry. Have a little patience!
    I can also include a blank background with just the grey structure, is that what you want?

  • panyongs73

    Thanks nikk,as always great work: D

  • andreealee83

    pz share WP~~~

  • cesare

    Hello~ To comment to u, I sign up this website.
    PLZ share stuff.

  • 1LeeDenton

    Very very VERY nice!! Like others have said, please share everything :)

  • Thand

    This is AWESOME! Great work! I am also interested in seeing what methods you used to achieve this.

  • footsteps88

    icons pleasex

  • ikon810

    This is amazing…please share when you have an opportunity! Thanks!

  • RickPinto

    Awsome!!! Waiting for the sharing…

  • garyarts

    hi nikk, found a great presentation template for your device you used to ask for. Drop me an e-mail address to be able to share:-)

  • MarkB65

    Very nice. I was thinking of trying something more colourful myself, this could be the one.

  • nikk

    Hi folks, I just managed to put together the files. You can download them here:

    Included are all the icons you see in the screenshots as well as the used background images. Since I already switched setups I’m not sure what the setup was exactly, here is what I think it was: Nova launcher, grid 5*7, dock enabled with 3 icons (I uses invisible ones for switching screens), top and side margin was medium I think… I also forgot to export the UCCW files… -_- But that is really simple, I believe it was a 2×4, stretch that out so it fits nicely, make the background white and add in the text you want ;) Hope this helps.

    You may use the icons for your own setups, as long as you give me some credit! :)
    You may NOT distribute these icons on any other online platform or charge money for it!


  • panyongs73

    thanks for sharing!

  • davejet

    thanks! really nice work :)

  • Vivick

    very very nice !

Date Added: Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Please zoom! :)
I’ve been a little bit inspired by Thand’s awesome ‘holo cards’ setup. Wanted a simplet yet highly usable setup and came up with this.
Icons were custom made for this one! :)
Hope you like it.