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  • almi02

    pretty amazing!! any way to get a step by step for a noob like myself?

  • lord_crapface

    The tiles are part of the wallpaper that i made using ms paint on the computer. Just trial and error to get the size right for your screen. if you do a screenshot with a plain background and the icons you want in place and open it in paint it will be the right size for the wallpaper and you can add the tiles over the icons and whatever image you want at the bottom.
    I used apex launcher but im sure most others would work – make sure you set static wallpaper rather than scrolling.
    Just add the icons so that they line up with the wallpaper.
    hide status bar and dock in apex settings. add apex actions – screen number, for the screen shortcuts and change the icons.

Date Added: Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 8:27 pm

some of the icons aree screen shorcuts, i.e setting, frequent apps media. these screens have same layout. three squres in top right is app drawer shortcut. battery, weather and clock all open relevant apps on touch. invisible lock screen bar along bottom below minimalistic text widget.