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Nexus Tiles Android Homescreen by oemstyla - MyColorscreen
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Screen Of the Day on 01/29/2013
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Llewellyn1 Llewellyn1

    Digging this one

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/lwnda3rd lwnda3rd

    Very nice!! What font did you use for the screen?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla


  • http://mycolorscreen.com/lwnda3rd lwnda3rd

    Sweet, thanks!! I thought so, but wanted to double check

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/peachananr Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/29/13

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    Thx , awesome :-)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/fuelcell fuelcell

    Hey oemstyla can you please add the settings for simple calendar widget?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    alternative Layout – Text – Date – Time – Place

    Size 20

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/dadavises dadavises

    Is there a tutorial how to make your images for uccw? and how do you make a uzip? Thanks for the awesome skin

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/fuelcell fuelcell


  • http://mycolorscreen.com/dadilydoo dadilydoo

    I bow to you :) I love it! :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/MarcusBremen MarcusBremen

    congratulations my friend , you deserve it

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    @dadavises uzip is a file generated by UCCW. Look at the mycolorscreen youtube chanel for a UCCW Tutorial

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    @dadilydoo Thanks man, it was your inspiration ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/crashcat007 crashcat007

    nice work, do you hav a twitter and google+ icon to fit into this screen?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Benjimahana Benjimahana

    Very nice. Always keeping the bar high!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Pumeluk2 Pumeluk2

    Glückwunsch ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    Danke ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/timsto timsto

    Benutzt du ein Skin für für das Calendar Widget?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ekjl ekjl

    can you share the psd?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla


    alternatives Layout, “Ereignistext” “Ereignisdatum” “Ereigniszeit” “Ereignisort”, das dritte von unten :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/davidemo89 davidemo89

    @oemstyla Hi, how do I change app icons and make the background white on the bottom?

    Thank you =)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    change icons with apex launcher for example. the white bottom is part of the wallpaper

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/rokK0 rokK0

    Hi oemstyla. Erstmal Kompliment für den style. Kann man mehr von den Icons irgendwo downloaden? Als Icon pack oder so. Thx

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/oemstyla oemstyla

    ne, gibt nur ne handvoll die nikk damals gemacht hat ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/pejamas pejamas

    Could you possibly save the calender settings and upload it (so a restore can be done through the app)? i can’t seem to get the sizing correct :(

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cfhj2205 cfhj2205

    awesome! how did you do the telephone/whatsapp/google mail widgets? and i can’t seem to select my gmail account :(

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/megahit megahit

    Hi , nice work! I tried to make it work on my Galaxy S3, but the wallpaper will not fit.. Used Photoshop to convert it to 720×1280 but the widgets will not be on the correct place. Any ideas how to “port” this to Galaxy S3??

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/zombie_blondie zombie_blondie

    Hi, when you say change it to 7×1, what do you mean? The uccw won’t aligne right and I think this is why/:

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/mihir1997 mihir1997

    I seem to be unable to locate the Uzip…
    New here, so please help :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nerdygirl nerdygirl

    definitely, feeling the love

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/frondio frondio

    Please, where is the Uzip?


  1. 1. Set Apex Launcher to 9x7, margin none, Wallpaper single screen, no scrolling
  2. 2. Add UCCW widget 5x1, change it to 7x1 and import "Nexus Tiles uzip" (don´t forget to set your gmail account)
  3. 3. Add simple calendar widget and resize it to 4x2 to fit to the Appointmentsspace
  4. 4. Add applications to the homescreen and change the icons like you want them
  5. 5. enjoy your new homescreen :)

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Date Added: Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 5:31 pm

presenting my version of Tiles…. inspired by http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/01/17/tiles-3-0/

reworked psd for my personal use, modified uccw file, integrated clock in notification bar uzip and added a full working weather icon.

Wallpaper and other files attached.

Show me your love if you like my work :)

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