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  • bschke

    can u share your wallpaper?

  • jrventura

    @bschke I will do it tonight when I get home. My grid is a 10×5

  • jrventura
  • suvroadrage

    I know this is your first screen, but I was wondering if could post the UCCW used for phone/text/mail notifications. Also moving forward what do you think you will be using for the RSS feeds?

  • jrventura

    @suvroadrage I will try to post it tonight. I may still have it in my phone. For RSS, I am using Pulse reader right now but I am researching what I am going to use with minimal reader pro.

  • suvroadrage

    @jrventura Thanks! I think I figured a work around for now. I added my own image to the top, used photoshop to white out the notification area, and blank pngs with notifications “on” in Apex for the Phone, Mail, and Text on the bottom. Not as clean as yours but if you don’t find the file, I think I can tweak it. If you do find the file, would you happen to remember your Apex grid size?

  • jrventura

    @suvroadrage Hey. I looked in my phone and I was not able to find the UCCW. I must have deleted it. However, it is not difficult to recreate. The apex grid size was a 10×6. I hope that helps.

Date Added: Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 7:45 am

This is my first Homescreen.

It is based on the Morange UI screen by RHraw with some modification

The UCCW at the top is from BRKotucs

I am using a old version of APEX that allows the transition to be 1 so the middle changes with the press really fast.