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  • NeFeroN

    Hi Rich ! I want know which widget do you use at first screen which shows the time , date and battery ?

  • Atomicwedgie

    Hi. I use Ultimate Custom Widget and a template I created. I can upload it for use if you like.

  • NeFeroN

    I like your template and wallpaper ^_^ can you upload them?

  • jmcarlos

    I like this very much. Can you upload it please?

  • Atomicwedgie

    You got it guys… I’ll get it posted a little later for sure. Thanks for the love!!!

  • Atomicwedgie

    Info posted!

  • NeFeroN

    Thnx Rich ^_^

  • OguzhanVarsak

    Where is the uccw skins? Pls upload :/


  1. 1. Save the skin file somewhere you can find it.
  2. 3. Select "Open uzip"
  3. 4. Browse to the skin file you downloaded.
Date Added: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Please see my other screen as this is an old version ! I like to keep it dark and clean. Several widgets I am working on. First (angled one) is made to be clean. Second is getting as much info in one area without clutter. Apex Launcher, UCCW widgets and Eye in the Sky weather. They are a WORK IN PROGRESS! I will post more as I complete them.
Link to template below. Wallpaper link added.
Link to the first UCCW template:

Wallpaper link: