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  • Tyson

    very nice work. Can i get the google now clock uccw if it’s shareable?

  • jason_is_addicted

    My grid for Apex Launcher is 10×10. You might need to resize if you have different size.

  • Tyson

    @jason_is_addicted thanks appreciate it

  • teejayhanton

    Love it, very nice!

  • Mjjmatias

    Love it! Really, finally a theme that looks like it was designed for Note II. Any chance of sharing any guide? The files you used would be helful too. I’m new to android and this will be my first customization ;)

  • jason_is_addicted


    I’m working on it. Slow in process lol.

  • jason_is_addicted


    Here you go.

    You can tweek the colour that suits ur taste.

  • francomur99

    Hi Dropbox link doesn’t work

  • jason_is_addicted
  • titans10

    busy, but damn clean ;)

  • Powderhauser

    double folders.. i like

  • SterlingG

    @jason_is_addicted Awesome skin, but neither dropbox link works for me, could you try again?

  • jason_is_addicted
  • AldenIsRad

    @jason_is_addicted Hey Jason, none of the links worked. The google docs one required permission from you. Can you give me access? my email is:


  • SterlingG

    That looks like it’ll work, but it says I need access. I sent a request.

  • jason_is_addicted


    You can drop me a msg if you have any problem with the files.

  • SterlingG

    Awesome, thanks!

  • AldenIsRad

    Wow, thank you very much @jason_is_addicted I jsut created the them its so amazing. Thanks for making my GNII look sexy. O full brightness, its so crazy. Thanks man. Clicking the the love button.

  • AldenIsRad

    @jason_is_addicted Hey jason, i got one more question, i luckily created the whole thing but i dont know how to do that simi double folder thing. Can you tell me how to? For now, i jsut left that button as app drawer. Thanks though. The theme is sick on my note 2

  • jason_is_addicted

    You just have to create a folder and select combined folder. The setting will allow you to add the other folders you created.

    If youbthing the red colour is too red, I suggest you choose natural mode in screen display setting. Only work for touchwizz based rom though.

  • markeclipse

    Sweet… Can you give me access to file? Thanks!

Date Added: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 6:15 pm

Best on screen with 1280x720p
etc. (Galaxy Note II/ Galaxy SII/SIII)
Phones with softkey like Google Nexus might need some extra edit in photo editing software.
After a 1 week of testing and tweaking, I found this is the best setup of my daily basis.
The minimal reader is changeable to any reader you like, or even social network widget if you want to.
The pop out folder is also fully customizable.
Files will be uploaded upon request.