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hip hop ui Android Homescreen by angelnaina - MyColorscreen
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  • panyongs73

    Looks very nice!

  • angelnaina

    @panyongs73 thanks :) glad to know you like it :)

  • oemstyla

    love the colors !

  • angelnaina

    @oemstyla thanks :)

  • noni

    lovely setup

  • angelnaina

    @noni thanks :)

  • Tyson

    very nice setup luv it. Is the wallpaper shareable?

  • panyongs73

    angelnaina Do you mind sharing?

  • angelnaina

    @Tyson thanks ,i’ll upload it soon :)

  • angelnaina

    @panyongs73 i would love to share and uploading in some time :)

  • angelnaina

    @panyongs73 @Tyson ..hi..please check description box for details and downloads,,if you need anything else ,do not hesitate..Thanks:)

  • noni

    thanks ,ilke it

  • panyongs73

    Thanks angelnaina,as always great work: D

  • angelnaina

    @noni @panyongs73 thanks for liking it:)

  • panyongs73
  • angelnaina

    @panyongs73 oh sorry,please download again from this link and let me know ..Thanks :)

  • panyongs73

    Looks great man!Thanks so much

Date Added: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 4:20 pm

please zoom it :)
icons @nikk and my 2nd screen is inspired by @nebeek..thanks to both of them :)
eye in sky,
apex launcher
wall by me..
hope you guys like it ..
apex launcher 10/9,no margins and no dock.
set 3 screens and set 3 wallpapers with multi picture live app..

if you want to know anything else..just ask ..Thanks :)