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  • crashcat007

    awesome work, first one to comment :D , mind sharing all the files you used ? :)

  • laroyalexander

    What are the round icons?

  • malavi

    @crashcat007 ill make a tuturial as UCCW widgets are so simple…. :D (& you might wanna use minimalistic text or whatever you want) ;)

  • malavi

    @laroyalexander They’re my own iconset, which I caled “Google Now Style” , Will post’em in a while …

  • German_a

    Hey you can make a tutorial for this screen?
    Post the wallpaper :D

  • malavi

    ill make it ASAP…. I hav to study for now… ill be back on tuesday !!

  • ARon

    Please share the wallpaper when you get a chance

  • malavi
  • screenfan

    hola Senor! :)
    Cud u give us the success files or a tutorial on how to do this? I love it :))) I followed u and I “loved ” screen :)) email or comment here
    Email :

  • screenfan

    hola Senor! :)
    Cud u give us the uccw files or a tutorial on how to do this? I love it :))) I followed u and I “loved ” screen :)) email or comment here
    Email :

  • Sirhaxalot

    I’m the same boat as “screenfan” I loved it would you please mind sharing all the files :D

  • malavi

    Sorry but it doesnt let my introduce some Steps!! @ADMIN please fix

    EDIT: Just download “” and read HOW TO .txt


  • Sirhaxalot

    Thx mate you’re the best peace out :D
    Greetings from Denmark!

  • Unl0ck3r

    Would you be so kind to explain how to replicate the X the turns off the screen and the half circle at the right side? I did not find any info about this in your files :) thank you in advance and great job!

  • malavi

    screen of & lock… added on apps…! :D

  • 4nshb

    The stats UCCW comes white in color.. Any solutions? Also, great work :)

  • 4nshb

    Also, can you tell me the grid size for nova? Coz TSF doesnt work smoothly on my phone :\

  • Sirhaxalot

    @manuel labrador How do I turn icon labels off (noob question don’t blame me :D)

  • malavi

    @4nshb Go to UCCW and change “static text” color to ur needs.

    @4nshb IDK… but it should be 9×6 or 10×7 … sorry, but Im usin TSF (among other reasons) cuz I can place everythin on allmost everywhere

    @Sirhaxalot In TSF just open “sidebar” then find setting label and press “icons”

  • Sirhaxalot



  1. 1. DOWNLOAD "" >
  2. 17. NOTE: You may not see same fonts on UCCW as I use Advantagesmall, & roboto light as system font...
  3. 18. Comment If you hav troubles (try it first, dont post somethin that its been written)
  4. 19. Comment If you could do it successfully !
  5. 20. PD: In you'll find walls made by me that matches quite good....
Date Added: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 8:04 am

Here’s my own version of ubuntu, which I called kubuntu (like KDE Unbuntu) :D
First try usin TSF Launcher…. nd I like it!
Icons are pixly and some “self-made” (rounded ones)
*see “2nd image” to view other walls… ;)