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  • rrohanjs

    please comment and give suggestions :)

  • ARon

    I like that subtle transparent fade. Is it part of the background or uccw?

  • rrohanjs

    @ARon its part of the wallpaper and uccw, the background is half pic and becomes black at that point, and the uccw is slightly transparent, hence the effect

  • rrohanjs

    @ARon if you want the files let me know, drop in your email

  • jasonnguyen_

    Can I get an email to the uccw?

  • rrohanjs

    @jasonnguyen_ sent, in the uccw there is month also, i removed it and just aligned the date and day of the week to the right

  • klos619

    So cool can u shared me ThE files pls I like so much

  • misiii

    can you share the files especially the wallpaper? :)

  • rrohanjs

    @misiii give me your email id

  • ianbb

    Can u share wallpaper?

  • rrohanjs

    @ianbb email id ?

  • ryado

    CAn you share the uccw and wall please? Very beautiful :D!

  • rrohanjs

    @ryado thankyou :) yes will send it to you right away

  • thomas123

    can u share wallpaper? thx

  • rrohanjs
  • titans10

    good work Rohan. I really like this

  • rrohanjs

    @titans10 thanx, means a lot when people like you like it :)

  • klos619

    Hello thx for the files but the .uzip does’t work :'( maybe the file is corrup I dont know can u send me again uzip file pls thx bro

  • rrohanjs

    @klos619 i sent it again, see if this works, you need to import the file first to make it work, i hope you did that

  • klos619

    Thanks !! It works

  • ianbb
  • 7mal

    looks really great. can you send it to me as well?
    Thx in advance =)

  • rrohanjs

    Thanx :)

  • r7s

    Could you post a link to the wallpaper? Thanks in advance.

  • rrohanjs

    @r7s give me your email id, i can just simply fwd u the files

  • cuezaireekaa

    hello rohan! i just followed you :)) this is a great one man!! @rrohanjs

  • rrohanjs

    @cuezaireekaa :) thanx a lot, followed you back :D
    going to keep your screen for a while now !!!

  • rrohanjs

    dropbox wallpaper link added, enjoy

  • leppell08

    Awesome clean look! Mind sharing those files? Thanks!(:

  • rrohanjs

    @leppell08 thanx, sent

Date Added: Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 12:56 pm