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  • phoenixwave

    Posting kind of late – I’ll post the wallpaper and tutorial/step by step tomorrow! :)

    I hope that the MyColorScreen community enjoys!

  • rrohanjs

    nice, can you share the top uccw plz

  • Tyson

    @phoenixwave very nice can you share the icons please

  • panyongs73

    i really love your homescreen!!

  • phoenixwave

    @rrohanjs @Tyson @panyongs73 Thanks and I’ll be uploading everything I can today so you can hopefully achieve the same screen – or something similar!

  • Tyson

    @phoenixwave kool looking forward to it

  • jobe1785

    nice, I hope you share soon. Also, what happened to the screen you said you were going to create based on Alex T’s flip cards? I was really looking forward to that =)

  • phoenixwave

    @Tyson @jobe1785 Sorry for the delay on the sharing of stuff. Got the flu and just haven’t touched a computer till today really.

    I’ll try and get stuff up on here as quick as I can.

    As far as the AlexT flip card – I thought about it, and then scratched the idea because I really want all my screens to be limited to 1 if at all possible, because I personally don’t like flipping through a bunch of stuff to get to the apps I use most often. It’s just a personal preference thing. :)

  • Tyson

    @phoenixwave ok kool feel better

  • Apistia

    still hoping for the files on this one!

Date Added: Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 10:56 am


Hey everyone – sorry I haven’t posted a new screen in awhile!

This screen is a simple single screen with everything that I access most often. Inspired by Facebook’s timeline, I thought I’d create an interface based off that.

The image of the hot air balloon that I used is from by Oliur Rahman.