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Screen Of the Day on 02/04/2013
  • HalfManHalfBiscuit

    very nice and simple,i always like dark screns :)

  • Fulgore84

    my opinion…screen of the day

  • vallarellas
  • kfir

    Download link?

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 02/04/13

  • Yisha

    I love this homescreen! I wanted to give my dad a new phone for his birthday and customize it so that it suits him perfectly. Your screens have inspired me :D

  • pijindrin

    Links please?

  • vallarellas

    Thank you, Peachanan!!!

  • vallarellas

    a magician! ha ha, thanks…

  • sarkar1990

    Awesome screen man!

  • vallarellas

    @sarkar1990 Thank You!!

  • Tobbe


    Another amazing screen from you. Love to see those psd files so I can change the text to swedish. What app/widget are you using to show the kilometer up in the left on the first screen? Is that My Tracks to? I downloaded the app but can only choose from one widget, the one you have at the bottom on the first screen.

    Thanks again, top notch screen-maker :)


  • vallarellas

    Hello, Thank you. the writing with the “Total Km” is a simple UCCW skin that I use updating my km tot. day 1 of each month so check the km per month.
    sorry for my english :)
    you can download the necessary files here:

    ——–> Feel free to use it and post a screenshot of your phone using this :) But please give me credit. <———

  • Tobbe


    ——–> Feel free to use it and post a screenshot of your phone using this :) But please give me credit. <———




  • jmcarlos

    Unreal. I’m working on it right. Five stars dude!

  • vallarellas

    @Tobbe @jmcarlos
    Thank You!!

  • theundertaker

    anyone having problem with the uccw skins not showing on through the app ?

  • kris2ver

    very very nice theme, but the uccw skins are not uzip and are not usable. please help us get this theme. the total km uzip is not showing either. please helpppppp

  • kris2ver

    how do you open this file as uzip on uccw Naviscreen km tot.uccw

  • computerdeus

    Where do you find carbon BW icons?

  • klodix

    love it..

  • DarrenDG

    Files do not work please fix


  1. 1. Nova launcher 12x6 no dock, NO margins, no status bar.
  2. 2. Multi picture live: set wallpaper (1,2,3,4)
  3. 3. UCCW and add the other widgets
  4. 4. (UCCW skin and PSD files soon ..)
Date Added: Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 2:23 am

(do not forget ZOOM button!)
.. a combination tailor-made for my car .. inspired by “relif” of Pippoto _ whom I thank.
I find it particularly useful widget of the app. “my traks” that works great and I would recommend. the icons are “Carbon BW” and are part of the wallpaper.
UCCW skin and PSD files soon .. other details of the software applications are in the box.