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  • qamu74

    What Launcher are using, and what spacing.

  • Nisu24


    I add some Informations, if you have other questions ask me :)

  • qamu74

    Nova settings 11*6 OK!

  • qamu74

    Slidebar make a change,how

  • 91870

    How can I make my own slidebar??Is it an app?

  • Nisu24

    @Harkány László Gábor / 91870:

    you can download the SlideBar UCCW skins here:

    download the zip and safe it in your UCCW folder. With UCCW you can now make a SlideBar for your own screen…

  • footsteps88

    icons link please? the red ones are fab x

  • Nisu24
Date Added: Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 10:25 am

New Screens by Breaking Bad, now I only can wait for the last part of Season 5
Love this shit… BITCH ;)



Nova Launcher Prime
11×6 / margins off / dock off
Icons and SlideBar HD by BlackbearBlanc