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  • noni

    i love it

  • angelnaina

    @noni thanks :) i really appreciate ..:)

  • panyongs73

    I love your work!
    Please share this screen, would love it on my galaxy s3!! :D

  • lord_crapface


  • mfg213

    a sleek beauty!
    love it.

  • angelnaina

    @panyongs73 thanks buddy.i’ll upload alldownloads soon..thanks

  • angelnaina

    @lord_crapface thanks:) glad to know you like it..

  • angelnaina

    @mfg213 many many thanks for liking it :)

  • dennism1997

    Nice screen! Can you share the files

  • A_Random_screenShot



    I absolutely love your work, is there files to share, please?

  • angelnaina
  • angelnaina

    @dennism1997 @TH3ON7IN3GAM3R thanks to both of you guys.uploading all files in some time.thanks :)

  • angelnaina

    @TH3ON7IN3GAM3R @panyongs73 @dennism1997 for details and downloads please check description box :) thanks for liking it :)

  • Llewellyn1

    Thanks for files

  • panyongs73

    Thank you for your fantastic work!

  • angelnaina

    Thank you VERY Much angelnaina, you are the best, I am working on my GS3 now, cant wait to see if it comes out like yours.

  • Jubesta

    унылое …..

  • spursbob

    I’m sorry but how do I use the uzip file, if indeed I can use that file?

  • angelnaina

    @TH3ON7IN3GAM3R is it working right on yours mobile

  • angelnaina

    @Jubesta thanks

  • angelnaina

    @spursbob hi .you will have to install UCCW app from play store .then place widgets on screen and import these files :)


    No angelnaina I am stuck on the wallpaper, I even install MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, but still can’t seem to have the wallpaper correct. I don’t know what i am doing wrong. Can you do a Tut., for us not so smart people like me please thank you.

  • filip1092

    Thanks mate! :)

  • mystoganz

    thats simple but great,,,,

  • angelnaina
  • angelnaina

    @TH3ON7IN3GAM3R hii..its very easy,make sure you have two screens in apex launcher and then select wallpaper with Quick PIc and that’s it..:)

  • bgilli26

    I tried gettting the files but the links dont work anymore:( can you please fix this i loventhis homescreen:)

Date Added: Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Please zoom it for better view..:)
Inspiration..Dribble and white icons by nikk :)
hope you guys like it:)
Thanks :)
apex launcher 8/5..2 screens ,no margins ,hide dock an statusbar..