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Date Added: Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 12:45 am

-fast (only 2 widgets)
-flexible (easy to change icons or add more pages without breaking design)
-functional (each of the buttons is a folder, and each dock icon has intuitive swipe gesture ie swipe on phone for contacts so that everything is accessible within 2 presses)
-incredibly easy to make
-actually has a notification bar…
I wanted to make a homescreen setup that balances form and function. I tried out a lot of the popular designs, but they were god awful to use in real life and were basically pure design.


  1. 1. Nova launcher prime, 9x6, no labels
  2. 2. jb+ clock
  3. 3. Digical
  4. 4. white icon set from SIWS icon set by AlexT
  5. 5. Simple Text app for dock icons
  • pooyen

    looks slick!

  • jay_p

    Love the minimal look and the simple color palette.

  • l0aded

    loving the simplicity!

  • auyesugi

    nice and colors synergize