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Screen Of the Day on 02/14/2013
  • roku

    this is elegant. nice..

  • amalcns

    we like it???we love it bro!!!plz upload everything..really lookin forward t it:)and plz share it ASAP:D

  • casper05lly

    Upload it. Really like this setup. Nice job

  • Gnaver

    Great as always.. Waiting for stuff :-)

  • MissionImprobable

    Indeed, let’s get the files. Nice work =D

  • rrohanjs


  • chromium

    thanks everyone, i will be uploading the files shortly

  • chromium

    I’ve uploaded the files with a tutorial. Check my blog here for the download:

    Let me know if you have any other questions

  • darkpunk

    @chromium Bro how did u get the glow on your weather? And what’s the Calender app? Thanks. Clean setup :)

  • Nazato

    Weather icons that you provided don’t have glowing effects, does this mean that we have to do them one-by-one ourselves?

  • blackshaman

    difficult to theme. video would be good for those new to ssLauncher

  • chromium

    @darkpunk sorry I completely forgot to add the glowing weather icons, so I’ll upload it shortly. And the calendar is embedded in the wallpaper

  • chromium

    @Nazato sorry I accidentally added the wrong weather icos. I’ll try to upload the ones with the glowing effect ASAP

  • chromium

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve added a download link for the glowing weather icons on my blog:

  • Jubesta


  • darkpunk

    @chromium Bro my wall doesn’t have the calendar can u provide with a new one?? Thanks :)

  • chromium

    @darkpunk yeah the 480×800 walls dont have the calendar because when i tried it out on my phone it was too small and you honestly couldnt see anything. Instead if you have a phone with a small screen (480×800) like mine, you could just put battery level, missed calls and unread texts in the square. Thats what I did.

  • chromium

    @darkpunk let me know if you still want it though

  • chromium

    @Jubesta according to google translate you said “hat”. Anyways thanks!

  • Nazato

    It’s okay, sir. Still love it. Your screens are great, always.

  • chromium

    @Nazato thanks I uploaded them here:

  • Yotoko

    Very nice !!!
    Great work on your blog…

  • chromium

    @Yotoko thanks!

  • amalcns

    @chromium dude,can i have the wall with the calender embedded in it??tnx!!!:)

  • chromium

    @amalcns Like I said above, I didn’t put the calendar on the 480×800 wallpapers because when tried I on my phone it looked to small. The 720×1280 walls do have it, so I suppose you could crop those. Also I included a PSD so if you have Photoshopor or gimp you could resize it to whatever size you want

  • darkpunk

    @chromium No it’s okay cause I have a smaller screen . I will use it as something else :)

  • rtimoff

    @chromium in Russian mean “hat” it`s not good, like “fail”, lol. But it`s really nice setup, thank you

  • chromium

    @rtimoff lol, thanks for clearing that up

  • chromium

    Check out the video tutorial at:

  • mfg213

    hell of a beauty!

  • chromium

    @mfg213 thanks!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 02/14/13

  • chromium

    @Peachanan thank you!

  • todd

    were i can get the uccw fails couz uccw folder is empty?

  • chromium

    @todd if you want the uccw files, you can get them from the description of the youtube tutorial

  • Mikey1022

    This is awesome, i redone my Nexus 7 to this and love it……although i need to figure out what to place in the home square cause a calendar widget doesnt look good in it

  • chromium

    @Mikey1022 thanks. If you’re looking for something to put in the space on the home page, try putting a uccw widget with notifications for missed calls and texts. That’s what I’ve done and it looks quite nice.

  • yoetare

    it’s so cool i need more buttons!! :)) great job

  • chromium

    @yoetare thanks, i might release some more icons with the same style. Check my blog ( every so often, because when i do make them i will upload them there.

  • s204

    superbbb.. congrates!!

  • obibi

    The most beautiful and useful Android I’ve ever seen. To bad I don’t understand English very well, I fucking love it !



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