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to build your own
  • gorle

    A big thanks to everyone who inspired me

  • Atomicwedgie

    Definitely like the idea! For me, the wallpaper needs to be a little less intense. Works cool though.

  • thangld69

    Nice screen…

  • gorle

    @ThangLD69 Thanks!
    @Rich Thanks for the tip, actually it’s exactly the feeling I wanted to give, I know it’s intense, but you’re right, I could have made the semitransparent tiles a bit more opaque

  • Clevo

    Nice!, looks simple yet tasteful [:

  • panyongs73

    Thank you very much, very kind of you!

  • gorle

    Thanks Clevo
    @yongs73 you’re welcome, even though I don’t know what is that for :D

  • Arabology

    The picture used is just perfect, very nice work :)

  • gorle

    Nice to know that someone likes that :D thanks @arabology!

  • khaled_hammad

    can you share the psd file because i want to change the pic ??

    thnx <3

  • gorle

    Sorry, I know you may not believe me but I don’t use Photoshop, so no psd file. No-one ever taught how to use it, so I keep using stuff like…


Date Added: Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 8:18 pm

Details, Download Link and Tutorial Here:

I’ve been working a whole day for that, I hope you will appreciate it :D