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Screen Of the Day on 02/05/2013
  • PLQ

    Love it!
    I like this style!
    Nice one!

  • Los7


  • Fulgore84

    Blowing me away….. This is really functional

  • makisgk

    Beautiful screen. Can you give me uzip widgets my friend?

  • thangld69

    @PLQ, Los7, Mikey: Tks friends!
    @makis: sorry friend, my dont save task, hix :-(

  • darKpoiSon

    looks awesome!

  • MrMushroom

    Exactly what I needed ! Which font is it please ?

  • thangld69

    @ darKpoison: tks you!
    @ MrMushroom: PC font, Tahoma Unicode, H 97%, W 130%.

  • SplitCold

    Could you share the .psd so we can edit some of the text?

  • thangld69
  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 02/05/13

  • thangld69

    @Peachanan Woww… Tks Peachanan!

  • gianghuy

    Screen rất ấn tượng!
    Chúc mừng nhé đồng chí!!!!!!!!

  • thangld69

    Tks đồng hương VN :-)

  • keonevans

    I have downloaded the launcher but, how did you get the dock and everything to look like that, I mean is it a theme or what ? @thangld69

  • keonevans


  • thangld69

    @keonevans You sure has use SSLauncher?
    Dock can 2 skins I attach below. Hope you succeed.

  • hallowilicious

    đẹp quá :) nhìn rất cool

  • thangld69

    Cảm ơn đồng hương :-)

  • fleischer444

    The psd file does not seem to be working anymore. Could you upload i again? Great tutorial!

  • thangld69

    @fleischer444 Sorry my firends, .psd new link for you

  • Shawno7

    Great screen! Can you link the icons used?

  • thangld69
  • greg2455

    @thangld69 How do you scale the font without rasterizing/losing quality?

  • thangld69

    @greg2455 You down .psd file, using photoshop resize text! .psd

  • greg2455

    Thanks! I can change the height and width percentages in photoshop? It didn’t seem to recognize the layer as text so I was trying to recreate it in GIMP. But the text would distort when I resized to 130% X 97%.

  • thangld69

    @greg2455 Yes, You can do it with photoshop!

  • adidafet

    Sky a770k mafn hình 480×800 có làm đc ko, chủ top, nhìn theme hay hay muốn thử

  • thangld69

    @adidafet Bạn thử resize cái wallpaper theo kích thước màn hình của bạn xem sao nhé. Về cơ bản Android đều như nhau, chỉ khác cái kích thước màn hình thôi!

  • chucklehead

    Is there an updated link for the UCCW sckins?

  • rocapery

    Sweet screen, and thanks for all the help! I have managed to re-create your screen, however, the weather and location doesn’t seem to change/update. I am new to homescreen customization and UCCW sckins, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Date Added: Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 at 3:40 am

SSLauncher; Photoshop; Desktop VisualizeR UCCW widget…
(Note 2 720x1280px)
(Video Tut by Marco Agas)