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Screen Of the Day on 02/06/2013
  • slowbend

    When we will get tutorial for this beauty?)

  • CodingZone

    Thanks for the Wallpaper

  • amitshrikulkarni

    Can you please share wallpaper without any icon on it?

  • semati

    @slowbend Read the description for tutorial please :)

  • semati

    @CodingZone You’re welcome!

  • semati
  • raycolon

    Awsome :thumbup:

  • semati

    @raycolon Thanks!

  • gb76

    Nice setup..Can you share please the iconset?

  • ak0r

    @semati Thanks semati. Would you mind sharing psd?

  • semati
  • semati

    @gb76 Thanks! search on google for ”minimal MIUI icons’ please.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 02/06/13

  • semati

    @Peachanan Wow…Thanks a lot Peachanan!

  • Girish

    where i can find Google plus , facebook,twitter icon (the one you have on top
    and what to icon you have on dock on both end and where i can find that

  • ryan_cargo

    I got the same question.

  • semati

    @Girish @ryan_cargo I added links,read the descriptions icons made by me,you can grab it from psd.

  • Girish

    can you post the video tutorial please thanks

  • ryan_cargo

    Thanks! You are awesome!

  • semati

    @Girish Video tutorial added..Thanks to MarcoJHB for the tutorial…

  • WillCald93

    The wallpaper doesnt fit on my nexus 4 and ive tried everything i.e multi-live, nova wallpaper, and thatnwizardii one too. Any help?

  • semati

    @WillCald93 MarcoJHB shared a wallpaper for Nexus 4.Go to video tutorial please.

  • f0xy

    Hope you don’t me asking, this will help me not only with this screen but future screens i use and possibly make, How can i get this wallpaper to work with Galaxy s3, when im placing widgets i.e over the clock it’s out of shape. Thanks again

  • NateB

    i believe every user on here should make a video on how to set it up along with the written directions.

  • Kama45

    I love it. Any chance of a dark version?

  • pudgytaco

    what happened to minimal miui go apex icon pack?

  • shekhar

    @semati hey could u please share wallpaper for nexus 4 as I could not find it?


Date Added: Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Nova Launcher
Desktop Visualizer
Power Toggles
Eye in Sky
MultiPic Live Wallpaper
1 – Nova Launcher Settings:
7×6 grid size
Hide notification bar
Width margin: Medium
Height margin: None
Resize all widgets: Checked
Widget Overlap: Checked
Overlap when placing: Checked
1 home screen
2 – Set the wallpaper by MultiPic Live Wallpaper
3 – Place stock analog clock widget then resize
4 – Eye in sky weather 4×1 widget size
5 – Set toggle widgets
6 – Place app shortcuts then change the icons manually as invisible.
Edit: ”Tesla unread plug-in” for the notificatins