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  • Fulgore84

    Really SLICK. LOVED IT!!

    very soft transitions

  • thangld69

    @Fulgore84 Tks so much :-)

  • GFaceKilla

    That’s a thing of beauty. Sweet

  • aburgthing

    link broken

  • thangld69
  • Andge

    Instructions please? I’m not familiar with Desktop Visualizer.

  • thangld69

    @Andge Hi you! You install Desktop VisualizeR (DV) in Play Store. Touch on DV, at the “select icon” area, in order to figure out the position of a clear picture file. At the “select action” area, look for the position of the app. Clear label. Done! (Transparent Picture here:

  • Andge


    Thanks! l’ll give it a shot!

  • Petrah


    The UCCW file you provided in the Mediafire link isn’t the right one. It’s for one of your other screens.

Date Added: Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 8:19 am

- Device: Note 2 720x1280px
– Nova Launcher Premie 12×7 grid, clear dock and notifi bar.
– Widget: Desktop VisualizeR, UCCW…
Download: Wallpaper .PNG; UCCW uzip, Wallpaper+text+icon .PSD…