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  • bobbydrakes

    very cool!!!

  • xceccox

    I’ve purchased it! U deserve it for your good work!

  • xceccox

    One question and one suggestion.
    What is the grind size?
    Could you make the UCCW widgets more customizable? It would be nice to change the Alpha of the colours to make the widget more trasparent….

  • AT428HK
  • AT428HK

    @xceccox thanks for your support!
    Backgrounds of lower widgets are semi transparent but the level is static. Alpha level is not allowed to edit for apk skins.

  • AT428HK

    @xceccox grid size can be 12×9 or 12×7. hide everything like status bar and dock, set all margins to none as possible.

  • amalcns

    alex, can u make a lite free versiom of it plz???:)

  • peszek

    @AT428HK This is superb man!

  • kevingcru


  • pitoko

    Pay for the skin’s and this great, you’re a genius …

  • Zeumryn

    Any chance you could make a higher quality version? I bought the app and it looks very blurry on my Galaxy Note, thanks.

  • Domenico

    Awesome but we can have psd or an empty bottom box with the possibility to change the text and the icon in the white circle!? Please!


Date Added: Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 6:56 am

Minimal, Original and Creative homescreen !
1.Create your own homescreen style – custom background and text colors; custom hotspots.
2. Creative MakeYourOwnWall uccw skin helps to create wallpaper on your phone.
3. Beautiful background for your favorite widgets.
4. Cool scroll effect incorporating with Nova or Apex

UCCW skins package available in Google Play Store

– Youtube video
(the one embedded here is just demo)
– Step by step tutorial later in my blog

Thanks BlackBearBlanc for providing google play music transparent mod.