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  • exdas

    What are widgets in dock?

  • supersonicej8

    it is a setting in apex launcher that allows you to place widgets in the dock. basically there are 2 ways you can cover the phase beam wallpaper. 1.use a uccw widget that it plain black and drag it down into the dock. or can put a black image on your phone and set the dock background to that black image.

  • underx

    ‘@Alecsander ‘ any tutorial ? can you share the files please? nice work !

  • supersonicej8

    yep i’ll share the files tomorrow when i get time…i can set up a step by step as soon as i get time as well.

  • supersonicej8

    UCCW Files are up. just make a new uccw file to the home > music > news and place them in the middle of the transparent bar…any other questions just ask.

  • nathanpartel

    Is there any way to cover the wallpaper using nova launcher? I’m trying to use uccw to make black widgets but there is a small strip on the bottom that doesn’t get covered by the widgets, no matter how I set the grid or the margins… I reeealy want to use this, please help :D

  • supersonicej8

    @nathanpartel does nova launcher let you set a dock background? Ive been on apex launcher so long ive forgotten

Date Added: Friday, February 8th, 2013 at 3:45 am

Set one of my all time favorite lwp’s (phase beam) and set uccw tiles overtop of it so it adds a three dimensional effect. also using jelly bean style clock and google search bar hence the name Phase Bean ;)

transparent middle bar
middle block

middle block top

middle block goes on the bottom
middle bock top goes on top of the middle block
transparent bar goes on top of everything else.
also set dock background to black image.

note: also middle bar top uccw is set to a dark color so just select it and change the color to black and it will match the other uccw and dock background.