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  • Personalizado93

    I really like your work!

  • Danut

    I really like what you’re doing!

  • xceccox

    Waiting for more skins (4 pages are not enough for me!)

  • AT428HK
  • AT428HK

    @Danut thanks i like your works too

  • AT428HK

    @xceccox thanks any suggestion?

  • vallarellas

    Very Good Work Alex!!!! I like It….

  • thangld69

    Love it…
    Very malitic…

  • xceccox

    Social Network/ Games / Folders / Gallery / Calendar :)

  • semati


  • Llewellyn1

    hopefully the free version comes out soon

  • BadBrad

    Amazing as always.

  • titans10

    I really like this ;) very clean and practical

  • dannycardoz

    hey which music widget is that..brilliant concept as alwys =D

  • napes22

    Can you provide us with the ability to customize the text and icon in the bottom panels? Having only 4 to chose from is restricting.

  • Verseau_

    What are the grid settings??

  • http:[email protected] virus_spreade121

    LOVE your work AXT. Definitely using this on my GNexus now. Keep that work coming :D

  • http:[email protected] virus_spreade121

    But do you mind sharing the psd file ? Coz I would love to change the Android pic in the circle. Everything else looks great.

  • Domenico

    Awesome but we can have psd or an empty bottom box with the possibility to change the text and the icon in the white circle!? Please!

  • Bunburito

    please for galaxy s3 @AXT


Date Added: Friday, February 8th, 2013 at 6:02 am

Download –

New Default colors
Fixed Home skin layer problem

More skins and free version coming soon!