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  • semati

    Very cool! i like it…

  • Benjimahana

    Very nice!

  • androto

    fuck yeah my friend! link for icons?

  • titans10

    @semati thanks!

  • titans10

    @androto hahaha thanks bud! I just added the tag to sammy’s icons.

  • titans10

    @Benjimahana preciate that :)

  • MarcusBremen

    great #no.more.words

  • titans10

    @MarcusBremen lls… thanks man

  • oemstyla


  • titans10

    @oemstyla thank you sir

  • gr4ndm4st3r_bl4ck

    any way you could post the wallpaper please ? :D

  • Personalizado93

    Nice work!

  • titans10
  • titans10
  • panyongs73

    thanks! really nice work :)

  • titans10

    @panyongs73 thanks dude

  • BongoFromCongo

    Beautiful!! Love the colours :D !!

  • titans10

    @BongoFromCongo wow thanks!

  • Llewellyn1

    Amazing screen, could you share clock/battery/weather uzips?

  • titans10

    @Llewellyn1 sorry man… scrapped the set up shortly after I made it. working on something else now. It should be fairly easy to make on your own tho.

  • cuezaireekaa

    @titans10 ooh ooh, “working on something else” ?!?! cant wait to see what you put together!

  • titans10

    @cuezaireekaa yep, we’re addicts my friend ;) as soon as a set up is finished, I scrap it, then its on to the next!

  • CodingZone

    @titans10 Epic !!! Great Work

  • titans10

    @CodingZone kind words… thank you =)

  • Ventri87

    Amazing! I really like it so much! :-)

  • titans10
  • RunOrHead

    Hi ! How you did the wallpaper in portrait mode? I use same launcher ( AdwLauncher Ex ) , but I don’t succeed put the wallpaper in portrait mode … Please tell me how you did .

  • titans10

    @RunOrHead I’m not sure which app you are using to set your wallpapers… i use the stock gallery app on my note 2. It should automatically set your picture in portrait mode. if not, try the wallpaper wizardrii app free in the play store. This has nothing to do with the launcher you are using. Are you asking how to keep the wallpaper in portrait mode?

  • RunOrHead

    I ask how put in portrait mode, now Iuse landscape mode because adw launcher ex don’t have portrait mode… Example, Go Launcher have portrait mode setting… not gallery is responsable put the wall in portrait mode , but the launcher is . Do you understand what I sad here ? And I don’t know how put in portrait mode…:|
    Can help me ? Please. Tnx

  • titans10

    @RunOrHead adw ex does have portrait mode. 1-adw settings 2-system 3-advanced settings 4- home orientation.

  • thangld69

    Nice work!

  • titans10

    @thangld69 thanks much!

  • blazer21

    Nice work. can you provide the uccw widget? Thanks..

  • xssgame

    how to download

  • titans10

    @xssgame wallpaper and icons are shared in description. I scrapped the skins already but I still have clock skin if you want that. @blazer21

  • laruku


  • titans10
  • cuezaireekaa

    congrats on the press and getting your setup featured in a mycolorscreen tutorial!! awesome man!

  • titans10

    @cuezaireekaa thanks a lot bro. I really appreciate that ;)

  • bill11222

    holy sh*t! 10k views. great screen t

  • christiantys

    Seems a lot of work but im gonna trie and trie again :)

  • bianmunsse

    Amazing screen, could you share clock/battery/weather uzips?

  • sweetpeafx

    This is my current homescreen, thanks :)

  • aztu412

    I cant download

  • shoaib337 .

    how to download it

Date Added: Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 5:58 pm

shouts to sammy for the icons