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  • rrohanjs


  • cuezaireekaa

    @rrohanjs thank you Rohan!

  • Nathan84

    Very nicely done! can you pls share the UCCW uzip?

  • titans10

    dope ish bro!

  • fashionon

    This great!!!

  • cuezaireekaa
  • cuezaireekaa

    @titans10 thank you sir

  • cuezaireekaa

    @fashionon thank ya!

  • cuezaireekaa

    @Nathan84 the comment with the links i sent you is “awaiting comment from moderator” idk how long that takes.. i guess i can email you the links.. or something?

  • sXs

    Glad somebody used my icons (brushed metal)

  • cuezaireekaa

    @sXs thank you so much for your work! they are beautiful! i will add you to the credits. is there a place where i can see more of your work?

  • pinchweasel

    Awesome screen…Can you please share the UCCW’s.

  • cuezaireekaa

    @pinchweasel i’ve added links to them in the description up top. might have to play around with them a bit. there are three total. the icons were added to the wallpaper in photoshop, and i use a transparent png to overlay on the icon images. Hope you Like it.

  • pinchweasel

    Great screen….links to the uzips for the weather and the date are not working.

  • cuezaireekaa

    @pinchweasel alright, those are the correct links to the files but dropbox is throwing a 404 error anyway. i dont get it. i updated the description with new links. enjoy!

  • Nathan84

    Thank you! looks GREAT!

  • twist3d

    Just Amazing :) Love it

  • Horatio66

    Can you send me the icon? I would really thank you!

  • cuezaireekaa

    @Horatio66 i have since switched phones and cant acces them atm. search for brushed metal by sxs

Date Added: Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 7:24 am

wallpaper edit and icon edit by me. icons are called brushed metal by sxS. uccw for the clock and weather by me. i can email the uzips. — Clockuzip
weather —
date —
Added the wallpaper i edited to use. please excuse the mistakes. you are welcome to fix it up to your likings. :) sorry that things arent quite center. i will correct this in the future ;)