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  • SaiS

    Which skins you used for UCCW?

  • V4NT0M

    There were no UCCW skins, I made them from scratch using the fonts and icons in the description.

  • V4NT0M
  • hitsugayaxxzz

    is there any tutorial ?

  • teejayhanton

    Any chance you can share some of the Nova settings? Also, how did you get some of the icons larger than the others?

  • V4NT0M

    No tutorial yet, all of the icons are widgets made in uccw, its really easy to set up sosome icons.

    Nova is running on an 8×6 desktop grid and the widget overlap feature was used to make sure the icons lined u.

  • S3designer

    1. How did you get the battery bar?
    2. How did you change the size of the icon at one icon and not they other?

  • pietz

    i dont understand how you use the widget overlap to line them up with the icons. every possible widget is larger than my icons, its terrible

  • teejayhanton

    @V4NT0M … thanks for this! I took your design and tweaked it for my use.

Date Added: Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 10:15 pm

A neat and tidy screen.

Larger preview here:

I used the following apps:
Nova launcher prime
Eye in Sky Weather
Minimal MIUI Icons
The font used is
The weather icons used for the theme are Weathercons Two, I have also uploaded these here.
I have included zips of the icons I made which were not part of the minimal miui icon pack and have also included the larger icons as the ones included in the pack were too low resolution for the larger widgets.
I have also included the dock icon, depending on your settings you may need to align it differently,
Wallpaper has also been included.
UCCW is a great tool, it took a good while to iron out the kinks but it is very versatile.