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  • ulisesito

    wow very nice…

  • JKDesign

    Thanks man. Uploading a new one tomorrow.

  • Veom69


    Wow your work is definitely worthy of praise! Keep up the work!
    Would you mind sharing the files/details??

  • JKDesign

    Hi guys busy compiling the zip file will post shortly.

  • ann3dan

    looking forward to it

  • JKDesign

    Having trouble compiling the content for the zip. Is there an easy way to do it?

  • JBO

    Could you just upload the UCCW uzip files ?
    That would be great :)
    Thanks for sharing

  • HTCDesire

    Nicely laid out. Does the buttons at the bottom take you to the different screens?

  • JKDesign

    Yes. Each one represents one of the pages. Place a shortcut to the screen and then replace it with a transparent png.

  • LumiaSA

    UCCW zips please. Love the music player.

  • nervah

    Hi. Could you please share the files? This one is amazing!

  • jusuchin85

    Hey JK. Nice, clean design. Love the way how blue mixes well with the white. Can you share the uzips for this theme? It would be great to have this on my Note 2 as well. :)

    If possible, I would attempt to re-design the wallpaper from the ground up. :D

  • upatnite22

    One Word… WOW!!! Jk, are you sharing the uzips? If so can you post here so that we all might benefit from your :”Bad Ass’ homescreen?

  • gonza28

    muy bonito. me gusta tu dock. como haces para que la dock cambie de color al estar selecciopnado un boton? te dejo my like. ujn abrazo

Date Added: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 5:21 am

This is my first upload. Hope you guys like it.

This is actual screen shots from my Note 2. The Image frame in the left rotates with various artist. All the navigation items are folders with apps or contacts inside.