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  • mafanshui

    can u share the wall and the minimalistic text zip ?

  • BoeingDude


    Here is the wallpaper: . I didn’t use Minimalistic Text for anything :P

  • k1ngdv

    i am extremely new to this…how does someone go abouts getting this to work on their phone? do i just download each item in the list? is there a tutorial somewhere on how to set this up on your phone?

  • k1ngdv

    @BoeingDude ok so i figured out how to set most of this up…i just had a few questions so i can get this looking exactly like this….in ur nova settings for the homescreen what is ur “desktop grid”, “width margin” and “height margin”

  • BoeingDude


    Grid is 12×12. Height Margin is None, and Width Margin is Medium. Thanks.

  • reborneagle

    This is awesome. How did you get that menu button though? I’m using nova launcher

  • BoeingDude


    By “Menu Button” I’m going to assume that you mean the app drawer icon :P I made that icon myself and changed the app drawer icon to it.

    Thanks :D

  • reborneagle

    Yes the app drawer icon, It fits in very well with the rest of the screen! Do you mind uploading it? :D

  • BoeingDude
  • fatexploit

    I am having a problem with placing Nexus 4 clock widget and Battery Reborn any idea?

  • BoeingDude


    You need to enable “Overlapping Widgets” so first to create them separate from eachother, and you resize them over eachother. make the battery widget “send to back”.


  • balducien

    Like it :D But why do u put a HTC One screenshot in a Nexus 4 frame?

  • BoeingDude


    Why not? :P

  • zOeil

    Please, can you give us the nova launcher backup ?

Date Added: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 4:26 am

Minimalistic setup inspired by aHulab’s “Minimal Globe” . Uses Nova, Power Toggles, Nexus 4 Clock, Clock JB, Eye in the Sky Weather, and Battery Widget? Reborn! More information can be found on demand. Enjoy.