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  • trees247

    can u share the wall?

  • nickacs

    Can you share the top bar UCCW? Love it. What does the right do, Settings? Keep up the great work!

  • consone
  • consone

    Its nothing special, just two uccw with battery and clock – the bar with the icons are part of the wallpaper!
    Yeah, it takes me to my nova settings.
    Thank you!

  • empol

    like it :)

  • consone

    Thanks! :)

  • khatab

    Great, good job, Please, can you tell us settings Nova launcher

  • titans10

    clean ;)

  • consone

    Thank you!
    Grid size 9×7
    Margins set to none
    Show notificationbar
    Hide dock
    Allow widget overlap

  • consone

    Thanks! (:

  • 4nshb
  • AraHabs

    Is there a way for me to add more icons to the bottom? I would like to add a chrome and a camera icon…

    And the pictures and icons don’t fit…

    Can you share the Nova back up please? That would be really awesome!


  • gohan7688

    looks cool..

  • aandrass


    can you share the picture with the fence??

  • userforme

    can u help me do it on my SGS2 ?

  • GraysonB

    What are the share and 2 menu buttons used for? What did you use them for and what do you recommend doing for the background since I have a nexus 4 and the image isn’t fitting right? Thank you!!!

Date Added: Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 11:26 pm

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