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Screen Of the Day on 02/19/2013
  • Benjimahana

    Right up the style I love. Awesome job.

    Post wallpaper please! I can handle the rest. Great stuff!

  • JKDesign


  • wasabi323

    Love it, can you please post tutorial and package widgets? made an account just to request =P

  • dakaringer

    Love it! Tutorial please!!

  • Wazer95

    @all Looks like I’m going to need to pull out my stuff tonight! Haha :)

  • nitintoms

    Downloads and tutorial please…

  • amoodyic87

    Could you please send me tutorial and downloads if you have a chance great work

  • stevent619

    Can’t wait for the tutorial to be released. This is great!

  • carefree

    Can’t Wait!

  • Wazer95

    @all Mother of God, guys… I can’t believe I’ve reached +800 views and +20 favorites on my second screen :) than you, all of you. I’m going out to ge a stylus Saturday, if you guys can wait that long lol. I’ll put the widgets together tomorrow and upload them, and unless you guys want a complete crap screencapture, the video tutorials for both of my screens Saturday hopefully :) Again, thank you!

  • Myrrhman

    Wel, thats the consequence of making such a an amazing homescreen :) Thank u for inspiring us with this !!

  • Wazer95

    @Myrrhman Thanks! I’m glad I can help people :D

  • Wazer95

    @all Allso, I’m sorry for not responding to people very quicly xD I’ll try to check my phone more often during the day hahaha

  • SahRckr

    :/ waiting

  • kila

    @Wazer95 plz man, share wallpaper and some details of this theme. It’s gorgeous…

  • Wazer95

    @SahRckr and @kila and @amoodyic87 and @nitintoms (Adding tutorial and link to OP now :) No video till this weekend though)

  • Wazer95

    The tutorial has been made :) (video still on hold till Saturday fella’s)

  • Myrrhman

    Hey, thanks again. Everything works great :) Got one issue though – the wallpaper seems to have some ‘rainbow’ effect on the rightside, something I don’t see when I zoom on your picture (above). Is this normal ?

  • Wazer95

    rainbow? There’s a gradient, but not rainbowed. I’ll reupload it :)

  • wasabi323

    @~Wazer95 thanks for the tutorial and downloads =]

  • Wazer95

    @wasabi323 More than happy too! :D

  • Wazer95

    @Benjimahana The wallpaper is up, friend :)

  • Misterate

    @Wazer95 What is the grid size for this!?

  • gronchon

    really nice, thx for tutorial and dl :p

  • Wazer95

    @Misterate Wow, i left that out…. Its 10×7

  • jiframnes

    Quite possible i am a superdonk, but how do i get the shortcuts to actually do something?

  • rrohanjs

    i love the colors a lot very easy and pleasing to the eyes

  • Wazer95

    @jiframnes Make sure that hotspots are disabled and open the widgets. Select the hotspots object and set each one to the app you’d like :)

  • Wazer95

    @rrohanjs Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

  • Monkeymo13

    What launcher did you use?

  • mm1chico

    one of the best screens!

    good job ! :)

  • Wazer95

    @Monkeymo13 , the launcher can be really just about any of the launchers out there. Apex (what I always use), Nova, TSF Shell, and Launcher Pro should all work, as long as you make sure to follow the settings i specified in the tutorial :)

  • Wazer95

    @mm1chico It means a lot :)

  • bhaskar1590

    can you please specify the settings for nexus 7??????

  • kanesunil

    In your Video, can you explain on UCCW weather and wind condition. Even though i have proper settings, they show constant data.

  • Wazer95

    @kanesunil Constant data? If conditions around you are not changing than the displayed data wouldn’t change. The widgets use location information from either your WiFi connection or your Mobile Data connection. If this doesn’t answer your question, the video I upload tomorrow shall try to explain it :)

  • Wazer95

    @bhaskar1590 I’m really sorry, but I don’t own a Nexus 7 or even know someone who does that would let me use their phone to figure it out for you. If I find spare time when I’m not working on my current theme, then I will try and find some information for you if you have not figured it out on your own :)

  • anoopverma1

    Yup buddy weather widget is showing constant data….. Even though I am using using beautiful widget it showing correct data….. I have installed your skin yesterday. And till than it is showing constant weather conditions….. Except this all is working good….. Thanks for suchaa great skin.

  • Wazer95

    @anoopverma1 I don’t know what constant data is, unless you mean that the data doesn’t change. Check the download, I added a *.uccw file to put in your directory for UCCW that might fix whatever this error may be…

  • anoopverma1

    @Wazer95 i have tried you .uccw file but still it showing constant data(means weather keeps on 14° and even weather condition keep constant …. they are not changing) i have tried to change location from auto to manual and changed weather provider yahoo to weathermap… but it didn’t help me…. i dont know what could be the reason

  • Wazer95

    1) Have you tried the setting “Force widget update”?
    2) Yahoo should be the correct one to use
    3) Changing the location doesnt matter as much if its constant conditions (its the internet connection it needs. This could be your issue)
    4) I don’t know if this is the problem, but have you installed the fonts I uploaded?
    5) I’ll try and do some more research… because I can’t find anything related to “constant data” with UCCW on Google yet.

  • edub34

    very nice

  • dbett4

    really nice setup! I am having troubles fitting it all on my screen though. I have nova setup at 10 x 7 but it won’t fit. Are you still going to make a tut video? That would be great

  • Dubhaltach

    What screen grid did you use, and do you have overlapping wigets?

  • Wazer95

    @dbett4 @Dubhaltach It is a 10×7 (wrote it in a comment but for some reason, the site keeps removing the “step” with the information for setting up the theme) And I will probably do one tomorrow, this weekend has been unusually busy for me.

  • GelPen6

    Can you reupload the Aaargh font and the basicl font?

  • squalluca

    great screen man, i’m using it on my nexus 4.
    Can i ask you to upload the psd asweel? Cause on my N4 the shadows and the band on the right side of the wallpaper make difficult reading the blackish text. Ty Man!

  • Wazer95

    @GelPen6 Hey GelPen6, the font’s have been reuploaded :)

  • Wazer95

    @squalluca I unfortunately can’t give the PSD. The grey gradient on the right side and the sidebar are supposed to look exactly like that. Make sure that you have #FF272727 as the color for each element in the sidebar. Otherwise, if it is too dark, then use a lighter color for it. (#FF272727 is the color of the main grey band as well as every occurance of grey on the homescreen.) If the colors are too hard to see for you, your options are: a) turn brightness up b) lighten the color choice for the sidebar c) get used to the similar colors. (once you’ve used it for about 20 minutes, you probably won’t have a hard time knowing what each hotspot will direct you to after you set them)

  • artbydjboy

    This theme is amazing dude. seriously. Had a hard time figuring some things out but the result is totally worth it. I’m having one problem with the wallpaper now, but i’ll figure it out. Thanks so much!

  • Wazer95

    @artbydjboy Thanks man! I’m so glad to hear it. And yeah, I’m sorry if it is rough to get together, but I’m glad you feel its worth it :). I tend to overlap widgets a LOT, which causes a lot of confusion sometimes. Send me a note on dA and I can attempt to fix whatever the problem may be if you need! Also, @all , a tutorial video should be up sometime today! Stay tuned!

  • Dubhaltach

    Same, took me an hour or two. I have it on 5×4 with a looot of overlapping and changed the widget sizes slightly but they’re still off alignment.. I’ll get there eventually :)

  • iliana

    Great screen! However when I click the link it gives me the message :”The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved.” Can you please help. Thanks!

  • DHP

    Same for me :)

  • HonestFee

    Yup same for me… “moved or deleted” Really need a new homescreen for my GS3 and was looking forward to this.

  • Wazer95

    @iliana @DHP @HonestFee SORRY GUYS!!!! I’ve been remodeling my DropBox xD FIXED

  • sapo1996

    dropbox 404 error

  • Samtheman7

    I have it all up and running perfectly on my GS3. It was easy to put together. The weather widget updates fine, too. Sick job! Awesome!

  • Wazer95

    @sapo1996 You try refreshing? The new link works.

    @Samtheman7 Glad to hear its working great :)

  • mystoganz

    that great….

    link is empty, whats wrong?

  • Wazer95

    @mystoganz The link works fine. All the files are there when you click the url…

  • mystoganz

    owh great, i’m wrong to writing the link,,,,

    thanks great….

  • Krash

    cant wait for the video tutorial :)

  • Liquid

    GJ dude… but im new to this site. I live in Brazil, here we use 24H format, and dd/mm/yyyy format.

    There is any way to change this? or any other text? thanks and GJ , amazing theme!

  • Wazer95

    @Liquid First make sure that Hotspots are turned off.
    1) Click the date UCCW widget
    2) Click “Choose Object” and choose the “Date” object
    3) Now go back to the bottom half of the screen and scroll to the “Controls #5″ tab
    4) Click the “Layout Button” and scroll up till you see “DayMonthYear” and Click it.

    I’m glad you like it. Thanks :)

  • Wazer95

    @Krash @kanesunil @jiframnes (hope i tagged everyone requesting it) The video will be available when Marco uploads it. YES it will be on the official YouTube channel, but he has not gotten it uploaded yet so be patient :) Once the video tutorial has been made, I will be sure to add it to the information above!

    I really appreciate all you guys who have viewed the homescreen! It means A LOT to me!! :)

  • pitoko

    Very love this screen MNML! Like! Nice work, thanks for share your work!

  • a65lopez

    Thanks for sharing your work! Great stuff!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 02/19/13

  • kanesunil

    @~Connor PCongrats Connor, This screen deserves it!

  • Wazer95

    @pitoko @a65lopez @Peachanan @kanesunil Thank you. Especially Peachanan :) I’m honored!!!

  • Myrrhman

    @~Connor P Yes, Congrats Connor. Indeed wel deserved. This work of art is my lockscreen now ;)

  • Liquid

    Its perfect, but the weather it is showing constant data =/
    its stuck in 17º and google now says 26º and beatiful widgets says 25º.
    can you help me connor?
    im not sure what to do with “Use THIS if your Weather widget doesn’t work correctly”
    anyway i will stay with this, loved!

  • Wazer95

    @Liquid Move the *.uccw file to the ultimatecustomclock folder on your device and use that instead of the uzip

  • hadi007

    Love the screen;-) but the only problem is that uccw isnot showing the correct weather. Plz help

  • DHP

    I still can’t see anything in dropbox. All there is, is the wallpaper ? or are the UCCW here too ?

  • noHope

    I must said that I only register in this web site to congratulate you for this amazing theme, thank you my smartphone looks amazing now.
    But I found 3 problems maybe someone can help me
    1-sometimes the hotspots don’t work maybe there it’s a reason for that
    2-there is any option to remove the colour background from hotspots?
    3-Iam using multipicture

  • noHope

    Sorry I didn’t finished
    3-I’m using multipicture wallpaper for one single image and its using 30 mb of ram! There is another way to resolve that

    Xperia s

  • Wazer95

    @DHP There are folders as well. Go up to the upper right and click “Download as .zip”

    @noHope Hey there, noHope. I have solutions :)
    1) Make sure that each of the hotspots are set. Also you may just have to get used to higher accuracy when launching the apps (as the hotspots themselves are thin, but wide)
    2) The color background is only visible when editing the widget. It is used to help you know which hotspot your working with at any given time
    3) Multipicture Live Wallpaper will EAT your RAM. My recomendation is to get the app QuickPic. It is an enhanced Gallery and I use it for all of my wallpapers:)

  • Krazykiran99

    You should put Battery instead of discharging.

  • Wazer95

    @Krazykiran99 Thank you for the suggestion, but the battery bar is to its left and the battery percentage under it. “Discharging” isn’t its only text either. If you plug your device in to charge, it will say “Charging”. Your suggestion is similar to having the homescreen say “Weather” instead of “Fair” (which is a changing description of weather conditions). I think that it is unnecessary to have “Battery” where you suggested, but I put the files up for you customize it for your device. If you want to change it, I’m not stopping you :)

  • hadi007

    @~Conner P please help me out. The uccw isnot showing the correct weather. Apart from that this is the best homescreen i have ever seen uptil now :)

  • hadi007


  • noHope

    Thanks for the quick reply I will try quickpic, for the hotspots noir working was because of widget overlapping solved now but the hotspots continue to show when I click them.
    Anyway thanks my phone looks amazing’
    Great job!

  • Wazer95

    @noHope That could be from lag, try an app killer.

    @hadi007 @Liquid @anoopverma1 Alright so I did more research, try the following

    If weather info is not displayed/updated, Launch UCCW app itself. Tap Menu, tap settings, tap location. Make sure “Auto location” is checked. If it is already selected, unselect and select again.

    If this doesnt work, try reinstalling UCCW :/

  • protieus

    @~Connor P…you r a genius!! thank you!

  • mharckk

    thanks for this :)

  • noHope

    I solved the wallpaper issue with image 2 wallpaper, quickpic didn’t work for me, something that I missed probably.
    But the problem with hotspots background color showing on home screen continues unfortunately…

  • Wazer95

    @protieus @mharckk You’re welcome :)

    @noHope Try making sure the background’s alpha is 0. Otherwise, a reinstallation of UCCW could help.

  • trish

    As a noob.. I found your instructions great to follow.. And was chuffed at how it looked on my nexus 4. Just some issues with uccw. I exported files from my dropbox to sdcsrd/downloads..can’t delete them from uccw now?. And a few hotspots still didn’t work.. But the images on my home screen still swipe as one big widget.. Have I not set it somehow? Thank you again,. Beautiful work.. look forward to more :-) x

  • Wazer95

    @trish I’m not exactly sure where your issues are.

    1) When it comes to porting a homescreen to different devices, the position and angles of the UCCW widgets almost always have to be modified slightly by the user.
    2) The UCCW widgets can be deleted by long-pressing them in the UCCW widget skin manager.
    3) Make sure that you have both sidebars in front of the other widgets.
    4) I have on idea what you mean by this. There should only be one screen, so swiping should not be used unless your swiping to access the app drawer or notification bar (both options in the Apex/Nova/ssLauncher/ect gesture settings)

  • trish

    @ConnorP ..Thanks so much fo your replies ..i have an idea where i went wrong now..will go sort it. x

    ps..sorry about not being clear..I don’t make sense to myself at times lol..really by swiping I just meant if I touch one of the widgets to move..they ALL moved as one ..i thought they would be static x

  • Wazer95

    @trish ah, ok. The problem is that you cannot movethem, you can only resize the. Try doing that instead. You’ll get the hang of it :)

  • trish

    Thanks so’re a great teacher :-) x

  • aburgthing

    Pure genius :-)

  • harjisaini

    Just put this amazing theme on my nexus 4! This is the first time im ever using a theme on my nexus 4 and I must say im very impressed! amazing homescreen!!! keep up the great work and hope to see more great homescreens from you in the future! (ofcourse also need tutorials, im a noob at this)

  • niannello

    why do some of the hotspots not register when i tap them? I set them all to the right apps but some work and some dont. thanks

  • Wazer95

    @trish @aburgthing @harjisaini Thanks :) that’s the plan

    @niannello Bring the hotspots to the front :) (press + hold on widget then select being too front

  • Invar

    Connor, how can I translate battery and weather widgets? I’m from Poland and English text looks strange. I waiting for more minimalistic homescreens! If you can please give me a link for a wallpaper. This one here is low quality. THANKS!

  • Incognegro

    hey connor, is there a higher quality wallpaper. 768×1280?

  • Shel

    @Wazer95 I’m also having an issue with the Wallpaper. I’ve completed the home screen, and it looks fantastic! However, right side does have gradiant which detracts, and makes links on the right hand side difficult to see. (Using an HTC DNA)

    Thanks for a FANTASTIC home replacement!

  • Wazer95

    @Invar @Incognegro @Shel This wallpaper looks perfect on my GS3. I’m confused why it doesnt look alright with yours. @Shel specifically, the gradiant is supposed to be there, can’t you see it in the homescreen screenshot at the top of the page? Turning your brightness up helps make the widgets easier to see :)

  • rrohanjs

    @Wazer95 i love this screen so much been sporting it since the day you gave the files, then it was getting monotonous but i din’t want to change the screen because it is so awesome so what i did was changed the color and now i can sport your screen for some more time :), sorry for stealing your work :D all credit to u

  • funkbucket007

    Love the look but am having a couple of issues.

    1. The weather doesn’t change, regardless of what I do. I’ve followed the steps you’ve listed above and still get a constant 37 degrees and 74% humidity. I moved the *.uccw file to the ultimatecustomclock folder on my device but don’t see anything there on the phone after I do it. I’m relatively sure I’m doing something wrong.

    2. “Not Charging” blends over into the actual number. “Not Chargin96%,” for example, with the “g” being visibly behind the “9.” Not sure why it doesn’t say “Discharging” like the example above, as it seems that would fix it. I just repositioned the “Not Charging” and the battery percentage up and down respectively to correct it.

    Great work though…I look forward to any advice you may be able to give.

  • Wazer95

    1…. 37 degrees is not what my screen reads and neither is the 74% humidity. That IS the temperature and humidity at YOUR location
    2. Use “Discharging”. If its not automatically there, go to the skin, choose the “Battery Status” object and pan over to the tab with “Style” then choose whatever the option is to change it (I don’t have my phone with me but its something along those lines)

  • Wazer95

    @rrohanjs I left a comment with my thoughts :)

    ALSO please link my Screen

  • tharox

    I cant seem to get weather widget to work. I have tried everything, but it just stays the same, no change at all. I know its not working cause the temperature at my location is 0 degrees celsius, but it is showing 25, and not changing, also all other info is wrong. Any sugestions?

  • Wazer95

    @tharox Manually put your location information in? I’m not sure why so many of you are having problems with the widgets

  • tharox

    When I say I tried everything, I mean it. I have read in reviews on playstore that uccw isnt updating weather, maybe version bug, but I will have to wait for app update or find an alternative. Great homescreen tho. :D

  • funkbucket007

    1. It may have been the temp and humidity when I installed it but it isn’t now. It just never updates. Not a gripe, just wondering if I’m missing something.
    2. I tried that but “style” isn’t an option. I’ll keep playing with it and try and iron it out.

    Again…not complaining. Love the screen and have gotten a ton of compliments on it. Keep up the good work, sir!

  • Wazer95

    @tharox When you work support, you learn that you have to ask everything before you can be certain of people trying “everything” :)

    @funkbucket007 Possibly “Layout”? I again don’t have my phone nearby

  • alperaltun

    great work again? can you share the psd file and the link doesnt work

  • Wazer95

    @alperaltun Thanks; no, sorry; yes it does. Go to it and download it or add it to your dropbox. Read the other comments before asking, please

  • alperaltun


    Ok doesnt matter i made it work on my phone. There were to much conments to read them all.
    Nice theme by the way.

  • Wazer95

    @alperaltun Thanks :) Sorry if I came across snippy. LONG day yesterday haha

  • alperaltun


    I understand ;)

  • funkbucket007

    After all of the work trying to get the weather to work, the solution was just to not use Yahoo. If I select Open Weather Map instead, it works perfectly. Thanks for your work!!!

  • michael66699

    I just finished installing this and I absolutly in love!!!!!

  • firreath

    Dude just set this up on my phone. It is amazing!

  • sven01

    Can I change the datum to dd,mm,yyyy ?

  • BongoBong


    Yes you can. Go into the options for the date widget. Use “select object” at the top and select “Date”. Along the bottom swipe all the way to “Controls #5″ and then select “Layout” which will give you a whole bunch of options on how you want it to be displayed

  • BongoBong

    Thanks for the awesome homescreen! I was wondering if there is any way to open an app folder using a hotspot in UCCW?

  • Wazer95

    you can put an icon of it on your homescreen, turn its icon to a fully transparent one, and then make a UCCW widget with a hotspot over it :)

  • Wazer95

    @BongoBong Thank you for responding to him, been away lol

  • BongoBong


    I was thinking of that initially but due to the size of the list it wouldn’t really work out that well.

    But after some research into it I found that its possible to use an app called “SiMi folder” which allows you to build and customize an app folder, and then you can use that folder by setting your UCCW hotspot to do a shortcut, then selecting simi folder as the shortcut and then selecting your folder. Works perfect!

  • Freiendahl

    @Wazer95 Thank you for the screen, looks awesome on my Note 2.

  • chadmusselman

    @Connor P

    love the screen. Any chance that you can Fahrenheit added to the ‘Today’s temperature’ option?

  • Wazer95

    @chadmusselman Yeah, when you click on the widget, go to the “Temperature” object, add a suffix to it, and make it ” F” or ” Fahrenheit”.

    Just make sure you add that space in, in relation to where you want the temperature to show.

  • chadmusselman

    @Connor P

    No luck with adding the ” F” on the suffix to change the number. Is there any other solution you have?

  • Wazer95

    @chadmusselman Move the object down. If I remember right, it is probably on the boarder. Also, if that’s not the problem, add A Text Object with “F” and position it right

  • http:[email protected] rrichards

    Go to: to get the files

    the link is down

  • Wazer95

    Thanks @rrichards . I’m in the process of recovering my files. Not sure what happened to my Dropbox.

  • priteshrv

    nothing in the dropdox!
    can anyone give me the link…

  • Wazer95

    @rrichards @priteshrv Check the description! I found my files :)

    @rrichards , please remove your link. I don’t want multiple copies showing up places, ya know? I’d prefer to keep it localized :)

  • http:[email protected] edt.lime

    first of all thank you very much for your valuable work and to being helpful.
    basically my first post on this site and it will directly turn into a question.
    just started to use uccw couple of hours ago (1.5-2) and i have exactly one problem.
    when i would like to set the hotspot angle i just simply can’t do it. i can move the hotspot around the X and Y axis but as your clock too mine is set with angle too (45°). so for this i have to set a really big hotspot to cover the whole widget. but in this situation the hotspot will force a little problem with each touch that i will do “not exactly on the widget”.
    so is there any way to move the hotspot in angle? :o

  • dsjd do i view all my apps (app draw)..I have a nexus 4

  • lolasianboylol

    THIS IS FRIGGEN AWESOME but i have a red bumper on my nexus 4 and I believe alot of other people would love a red back ground too, so can you pretty pretty plz make one ?

  • Wazer95

    @dsjd You should be able to set gestures to bring it up. I have mine pull the app drawer with a flick upwards

    @lolasianboylol If I have time tomorrow I will!


  • Toronadian

    I’ve got a question: I know in the video it says I can edit the text so that I can change what the shortcut says. But can I change the number of shortcuts? For example, there’s 7 on each side, but is it possible to change it to like only 3? Or can I only change the text and having to stick with 7 shortcuts each side, and even if I delete the text I’m stuck with the lines under each shortcut space? Sorry if I’m being unclear, hope you get what I mean.

  • Wazer95

    @Toronadian I see what you mean. Its not that difficult of a process.
    1. Click the “+ -” sign
    2. Then scroll down to the “Static text…” section and pick which one you do not want visible.
    –They are in order (highest on right = 1 (i believe))

  • Toronadian

    @Wazer95 Sorry, one more thing, when I put the UCCW date skin, the top corner of the 3 gets cut off a bit. Is there anyway to fix that?

  • Toronadian

    Actually, nv@Wazer95 Actually, nvm, I got the 3 to be fixed, had to reposition a bit within UCCW, but I have a different problem (sorry). In the weather widget, the humidity on the bottom line overlaps with the windspeed. How do I go about fixing that?

  • Toronadian

    ~Connor P sorry my comment above in regards to the weather widget issues and the text overlapping are aimed at you and not wazer95, not sure how to fix it. The humidity line of text is overlapping with the wind speed text

    EDIT: What I’ve noticed is that the windspeed unit is written twice for whatever reason and that’s causing the windspeed # to be pushed forward so that it is overlapping the humidity levels.

  • Wazer95

    @Toronadian I’m not exactly sure why it would be there twice. If it is, just remove the second one. Also, you can re-position the number so that it isn’t out of place separately from the text. Also, you can make sure the # is aligned to the right and the text is aligned to the left.

  • Tbonejones

    Connor, this is an awesome screen for my first time messing with my phone! I am having a similar problem as Toronadian above. I changed wind speed to mph, and the units now read “mphkm/hr” This runs over the numbers preceding it. Reference:

  • http:[email protected] ronnyhp

    Its verry beautiful.

  • Zomgitsjohn

    @~Connor P First off I love this screen and it was the first thing I put on my new Droid DNA. Which brings me to a hopeful request. The Droid DNA has the red accents on it and the case I got was black and red. Is there any way you could possibly do a light red version, perhaps “fd3d3d” of this wallpaper so it matches my phone case? Of course there is no rush to this but I would be grateful if you could and understand if you can’t.

  • ma7moud4u

    svp comment je peux le telecharger ???

  • malokk

    how I can to download this in my galaxy S3 ?

  • http:[email protected] rolo10

    how do you make the wallpaper 2400×1920

  • http:[email protected] Klaus20

    I am trying to make a Homescreen for my S2 with Neat Rom.
    Is it possible to make it also for the lockscreen ??
    Can I save the screen with the widgets and import it to another Rom ??

    Regards Klaus

  • Ravi Telang

    Instead of texts for “files”/dialer/music etc. can u please use icons..I think it will look great



  1. 1. Go to: to get the files
  2. 3. Launcher Settings: 10x7 grid, NO margins, Hide NotifBar/Label/Shadow/Dock, Enable widget overlap + resizing
  3. 4. Import the *.uzip folders to UCCW
  4. 5. Create UCCW widget with the specified dimensions asked for in the *.uzip filename (create a 3x3 for the 3x4 ones; create a 1x5 for the 2x5)
  5. 10. Arrange so that the widgets fit as the Homescreen shows (don't forget to overlap the widgets :) )
Date Added: Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 11:21 pm

As requested by many of you (sorry I havent had time to get this for you guys sooner), the pieces to the puzzle are available on dropbox from this link

Hope this tutorial can work for most of you, an in depth one will be made this weekend (with a camera, stylus, ect)