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Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 11:26 am

Clean look! for every day :)
Nova Launcher Prime:
- 8×5
- no margin
- icon size 100%
- no notifier bar (I can open it with the arrow on the bottom left )
- no dock
- TeslaUnread for counters

  • moonter45

    hi, very simply :)
    any link to icons ?: >

  • salvosistemista

    @moonter45 SmallGreys2_BlackBearBlanc Icons are here:
    These icons are of, I suppose.

  • sebsi

    Curious. I saw this setup and found it clean as hell, just b4 I noticed you post a comment on my latest one. Stay tuned, Next homescreen to be unveiled soon

  • salvosistemista

    @sebsi thank you! I love black and white themes! I stay tuned for your news! ;)