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  • Llewellyn1

    Pls upoad files, looks amazing

  • d14gvn

    upload the files dude!! this is awesome!

  • chw42

    Please upload the UCCW, it looks awesome!

  • Arjs

    awesome screen :D

    please upload the files.

    Thanks :)

  • Emompong

    Cool! I want it.. nice work!

  • dgatlin

    Very nice…

  • edub34


  • stevenkyle

    very nice……pleasee upload & share it

    Thanks :)

  • ssaz

    Awesome Setup :D

  • Rhraw

    hey guys, you should find all files you need here:
    the uccw skin is a paid one, so i won’t share it here for free:

  • Llewellyn1

    @ Rhraw aka Leagon – thanks for sharing files, what grid size are u using?

  • Coolkavin35

    Compatible with Galaxy S III?

  • canii

    @Rhraw Can you add a tutorial too? :) This looks so awesome…

Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Show me your LOVE if you like my work, mates!

Description on screen. I will upload files on the weekend, if anyone is interested.

I got inspired by fluffen’s Holo UI and dadilydoo’s Tiles 3.0 screens…thank you guys!